Hi guys!

Recently we went out for a walk in my old hometown Ghent. Even though I’ve moved years ago, I still feel this deep connection with the city I grew up in. Sometimes it feels so nostalgic and at other times I just get a little frustrated by how quick things change in life. My city now belongs to a new generation…

But I feel good about this – not that I’m old or something – but it’s nice to know that there are young students having the time of their lives in this city I so deeply love and have such great memories.

As I grow older, I look at things in such a different way, and yet I feel this sixteen year old me still inside, burning to show all my enthousiasm. When I was young I always wanted to grow up so quickly and live this amazing life, but now that I’m at that age I know life turns out so much different than you had in mind at sixteen and that’s so GREAT!

Still loving fashion as much as I did at fourteen – eighteen – twenty – … and yet so much calmer, wiser and with much more patience and direction in life. Enjoying every step of life – while looking at this beautiful city that shaped me.

Oh, and this lovely denim jacket from Levi’s has been with me this whole journey! It’s been with me since 2004 and still looks brand new, never going out of style. What better item to wear in this symbolic state?





Denim jacket: Levi’s // Black denim: Levi’s // Sweater: Urban Classics // Scarf: Acne Studios // Bag: Rebecca Minkoff // Watch: Casio // Shoes: Adidas // Sunglasses: Ray-Ban // Belt: H&M

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