Raramuri Sandals.


Hi guys!
Lastt weekend was finally warm and sunny, the perfect day to wear my new Raramuri Sandals. I don’t remember how I came across this young, Belgian brand, but the good thing is I did and I was hooked immediately!

The concept is quite simple. You pick a type of sandal with different soles – flat, thick or wedges – and you can style them any way you want with loads of different ribbons and ways to tie them. The designer got inspired by this tribe in Mexico, called the Raramuri tribe, where they tie pieces of rubber under there feet with rope. And buying these sandals also means you support ‘The thousand girls innitiative’. If you want to read more about this brand, check out their page.

Now, I really love these sandals for there versatility! The fact you can easily switch all the colours of ribbons and styles makes that you can match them with loads of outfits.

For instance, I loved pairing these Ivory Suede Ribbons with gold or neutral shorts, like this one that I’ve had for ages now. To make it all light and summerproof, I added a silk cami from Mango (similar). This one I’ll definitely be taking with me to Mauritius!


Silk top: Mango // Sequin Shorts: JBC // Sandals: Raramuri Sandals // Bag: Rebecca Minkoff // Sunglasses: unknown

I’ve also combined them with my favourite denim shirt dress from Levi’s. I love how these Chocolate Suède Ribbons go with the denim blue. It has such a cool, casual vibe on it. This one I see myself wearing all the time on warmer days at home. By far my favourite outfit. And the tie on this one is just so cool!


Denim shirt dress: Levi’s // Sandals: Raramuri Sandals

I actually see myself wearing them to work as well. On warmer days combined with a classic striped button down and white shorts to add some minimal class, or paired with a long skinny jeans and top as you can see below.

I’m wearing the Mustard Suède Ribbon in this first outfit and the standard black ones in the last outfit. These black suède ribbons are always deliverd when you buy a pair of sandals. And they go with everything, so that’s easy.

Button Down: Cult Couple // Shorts: Levi’s // Bag: Rebecca Minkoff // Sandals: Raramuri Sandals


Top: Astrid Black Label // Jeans: G-Star // Sandals: Raramuri // Bracelets: unknown

For a more vacation-esque feeling, I wore them with two of my favourite dress. One very casual shirt dress by H&M which feels so Safari to me. This one is so light and fun to wear, and with the Salmon Suède Ribbons they have this neutral, yet fun, look.

For a more sophisticated evening out on vacation, I took ribbons from the Elegance Collection, called Wedding White and combined them with a wedding white dress from Astrid Black Label. Just so romantic, don’t you think?


Dress: H&M // Bag: Rebecca Minkoff // Sunglasses: Ray-Ban // Sandals: Raramuri Sandals


Dress: Astrid Black Label // Bag: Furla // Sandals: Raramuri Sandals

Dress: Astrid Black Label // Bag: Furla // Sandals: Raramuri Sandals

Since I really like this concept and the quality of these sandals and ribbons, I decided to order the wedges as well. So excited for them to arrive! You’ll be seeing a lot of these coming summer!

What do you guys think about this concept?


Sandals: Cancun Model – Raramuri Sandals (with standard black suède ribbons)

Ribbons: Raramuri Sandals – Salmon Suède // Mustard Suède // Chocolate Suède // Ivory Suède // Wedding White Elegance

Items from outfits, in order of appaerance: White Silk Top: Mango // Sequin Shorts: JBC // Pink sunglasses: unknown // Beige Bag: Rebecca Minkoff // Denim shirt dress: Levi’s // Striped Button down: Cult Couple // White denim shorts: Levi’s // Bag: Rebecca Minkoff // Black Top: Astrid Black Label // Grey skinny: G-Star // Satin shirt dress: H&M // Sunglasses: Ray-Ban // White dress: Astrid Black Label // Bag: Furla

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