In Bruges.

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Taking it back to Bruges to share some photos from our walk with our dogs the other night.

Bruges has always been one of my favourite cities nearby to take an evening walk. The buildings are just so dreamy and the people and tourists are so relaxed. We walked by a group of Japanese tourists and they were just crazy about our little Suki! “That’s a Japanese dog!” they were saying, all enthousiastic. Really, I love Japanese people! Looking forward to our trip to Japan next year…

My go to walking-outfit usually includes flats, but since we decided to go during the ‘golden hour’, I got inspired by these amazing sandals from Les Autres, so I adjusted my outfit to these shoes. And they are just amazing! We walked around Bruges (which has A LOT of cobblestones) for about an hour and a half and my feet were still in great condition.

I’ve had these sandals for a couple of years now, but they are still available in stores, so check it out below!


MANGO Leather Jacket
SOAKED Blouse (similar)
LEVI’S Jeans


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