Little White Dress.

Today was such amazing weather! I just love those days that are warm enough for dresses and not having to wear a jacket. The perfect weather to wear this amazing new dress I got from Mango.

This dress is so light and flowy, just a perfect match for me. And what can I say, I just love white! Those who know me will remember that I don’t like wearing dresses, but this one I see myself pulling out of my closet a lot this summer. The texture is amazing and feels great on your skin and I feel the classic design makes it classy.

That being said, I just wanted to say how much I’m enjoying life right now – and I think it show in my pictures as well. I just feel so in control and happy. Having this great hubby, two more than perfect dogs and so many opportunities in life, I’m really feeling blessed. And I think it’s important to acknowledge your happiness and spread the positive vibes! So to all of you out there who are having a bad time, things can change and you should focus on that! I believe, that everyone who has it’s focus on the good will get there sooner or later.

Never lose your faith!



Dress: Mango
Sandals: Bruno Premi (very similar)
Bag: Rebecca Minkoff

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