What to do when you have a bad day.



I’ve been having some off-days recently. Days where things just don’t work out and don’t bring me in a state of happiness. Feeling insecure, not knowing what to do with my future and second guessing myself. Those days can feel so overwhelming and they make me anxious for the future. Will my blog gain followers, do people like my posts, what’s the next step in my career?

Normally I’m such a happy person who has faith in the future and isn’t afraid of what tomorrow might bring. I love change and most of the time I just go with the flow and make the best of what is happening. But some days this doesn’t come natural and optimistic as I am, I strongly believe there are things you can do to get out of a low moment in life.

“Tomorrow is another day”

Sometimes you start to feel a bit down because of something that happened today, but when you focus on that one thing that happened and isn’t pleasant, you keep focussing on the negative. One important sentence I use all the time to help myself stay positive is “Tomorrow is another day”. As bad as today was, as great tomorrow can be. And hey, a bad day only lasts max. 24 hours. Focus on the passing of every day and go to bed early to get a clean start the day after. I know not all problems are solved by a nights sleep, but your whole view on the problem can change when you feel refreshed and had a good nights sleep.


Take some ME-time

Such an obvious piece of advice, but such a big helper. When we feel bad, maybe it’s because we don’t love ourselves enough or we don’t feel loved by others. Both are indicators we should review the situation. Why is it we don’t love ourselves and is that really correct? I myself, sometimes feel like I’m still a big child and don’t take life seriously… that thought can make me insecure at times, especially when it comes to me business-related. But on the other hand, who is actually grown up and serious? And do I want to be like those people or do I love the fact that I’m easily enthusiastic and positive?

So take a moment to do something that really brings you joy. This can be taking a bath with rose petals and candles or watching Sex and the City over and over again. It doesn’t matter what others could think of it, because it’s only you and yourself in that moment. And you love it.


You’re not alone.

Always surround yourself with positive people who bring out the best in you. When I’m having a bad day, I try to meet with some friends and when I’m with them, I don’t feel like talking about my bad day or complaining, I’d rather listen to their positive day and happy experiences, because it helps me focus on what joy there is in life and strive for that instead.

When you don’t feel like going out, it’s okay to stay in… but even then you can surround yourself with others and happy feelings. Like a nice TV-show, a great book or your whole online network. There are so many positive bloggers out there that can bring joy into your life!


 I started with The Happiness Planner today, so that I keep focussing on the good things in life. Not only does the planner look amazing, it’s just such an inspiration and I can’t wait to see how it evolves during the year. It’s these little things, like a pretty planner or notebook, that make me happy. It’s just amazing me-time, to fill it in with a cup of tea and a cookie. I’ve been journalling my whole life, so I strongly believe in the power of taking a moment to reflect on your life and yourself. This planner just makes it easier and prettier!

What do you guys do when you’re having a bad day?



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