An honest talk about fashion.

I think it’s time for an honest chat here.

These past few days I’ve been thinking about my shopping behavior and what’s exactly in my closet. My wardrobe contains over 250 pieces that I absolutely love, and yet I still don’t know what to wear in the morning or end up with an outfit that just doesn’t work for me. Most of the time I feel overwhelmed in the morning by all the options that lie ahead. Followed by guilt when I realize I still haven’t worn that amazing yellow top I absolutely wanted. So instead of feeling great in all these amazing clothes I invest so much in, I end up with rather negative feelings towards these things I love. And even though I don’t like to admit it, I have to say those days mostly end with me spending more money on online shopping…. I don’t even want to think about how many new things I’ve bought this year.

I’ve realized I want to go back to a point where I was a couple of years ago. Letting go of those feelings of guilt and choosing to live light, with a capsule wardrobe. Now, everyone who knows me, knows I’m a die-hard shopper and I absolutely love to have new stuff, but I want to take a break from all these new impulses and new things and focus on the things I truly love and define my own personal style.

So I took some simple steps to get me to the point where I want to be: feeling fabulous in the things I love and be conscious about what I buy and why I buy it.


Define my favorites

First thing I’ve done is take a look at which items I’ve worn to shreds in the past. Items that always make me feel good, that I wear as soon as they get out of laundry and items I’ve replaced over and over again. I came to the conclusion that I have about 65 favorite things and they all have similarities like a neutral colourgreat fabric and minimal look. I want to focus on getting the wear out of these items and feel great about loving them, instead of focusing on the clothes I’m not wearing. They’ll have their share later on when it feels right.


Read blogs I truly like

Since I love to blog, I also love to read other blogs and get inspired by other people. But there are only a few blogs I really love for the right reasons: great content, great style and a great personality. For example, I love Mademoiselle and I just can’t wait to read a new post when it comes online. Her posts always leave me inspired and feeling good about myself. I love bloggers that have outfits on repeat or show me how to style one item in 10 different ways. It’s just more realistic that way. On the other end there is Sincerely Jules, even though I just love her style and blog, most of the time I feel frustrated after seeing these pictures because it’s a lifestyle that just doesn’t suit me. I would love the never-ending-vacation style, but that’s not where I’m at this point in my life.


Plan to experiment

I have always loved fashion and I’m definitely not afraid to try new trends, silhouettes, … but the trend-machine is going very fast and it’s just impossible to be on-trend all of the time without going broke. So I have this idea to plan experimenting with fashion instead of just following trends. Maybe at the start of every new season I’ll buy some trend items that don’t break the bank and get the maximum out of them without losing focus on my personal style and items I already own.


Attempt to stop shopping #1.239.487 (or something like that)

Yes, I’ve been saying that I’d love to shop less for about 10 years now and I still haven’t been able to quit shopping for more than a month (definitely not proud about this one, but hey, I said we’d have an honest chat). But I still believe that persistence is one of the keys to succes, so I’ll keep focussing on quitting shopping for a while (or say, over a month). It’s just a thing about me that I no longer love and there are so many other things in life I want to enjoy. And since I love other bloggers who repeat one item over and over again, I want to focus on doing that as well on my blog.


What do you guys think? Are you ever overwhelmed by all the options available or do you ever get stressed when you want to go out and shop new items? 





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