Another workday.

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Hi guys!

Today was just another day at the office, but that doesn’t mean we can look stylish and enjoy fashion! Since it was a very warm and sunny day, I went for a little black dress and styled it with my favorite sandals from Raramuri and my Grana silk bomber jacket. I have to say, looking back at these pictures I feel like I look a bit tired after a long day of work, so forgive me for that.

This dress has actually been hanging in my closet for years and I never even enjoyed wearing it until this year. Now it’s definitely one of my favorites and I grab for it every time I can… sometimes it’s so strange, you feel like a piece doesn’t suit you, but you can’t say goodbye to it and then, all of the sudden you start loving it and can’t imagine your life without it – I know, it’s just a piece of clothing, but still… it’s like this with this dress.

You guys may think I’m crazy – and maybe that’s true – but I’m just crazy about fashion. (Sounds a bit cheesy, don’t you think?)

What are your favorite go to pieces for work?  


Silk Bomberjacket: Grana
Dress: Esprit (similar here or here)
Sandals: Raramuri Sandals
Bag: DKNY (similar)





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