Acne Studios Jensen Boots First Impression

These boots… I’ve been lusting after them for about three years now. When I first saw them back in 2014 I fell in love instantly. The perfect design, the soft leather and let’s be honest, the hype about these boots are what makes my heart beat faster. But since they are quite an expensive purchase, I kept looking for more budget proof alternatives – and man, has that been hard! Last year I found a pair I loved as much as these ones in the Floris Van Bommel store in Amsterdam. I guess they cost something ’round € 280, which is still a lot, but still cheaper than the Acne ones. But the story ended, since they didn’t have them in my size and weren’t available anywhere else.

After that I gave up on finding a perfect alternative for these boots  and – I never thought I’d be able to say this – bought these ones from Acne Studios. They are just effortlessly cool and have that sort of edge I look for in items.  Things you can wear minimalistic and adds some rock to your outfit.

Now on to these boots…


I ordered them online via Acne Studios and I got them in 3 business days (in Europe), which is great for free shipping. I’ve ordered before at Acne and I’m still happy as a kid when there packages arrive. I know you spend a whole deal of money in your purchase on these packaging, but I LOVE it. The signature pink bag and the pink box, how perfectly your items are packed and the soft white enveloppe  that holds your receipt… Yes, I am a sucker for details like that and I don’t mind paying more for that luxurious feel you get when you finally open the box. The experience stays with me for a long time.

They are available in different colors and materials, like soft leather and suede, but I went for the black grained leather since I find it has more of an edge to it. Both the soft leather and the grained leather are super soft and are very high quality. Even the smell of these boots is amazing. It feels sturdy and structured, but still so soft you know the fit will only improve by time.



These boots are wonderfully detailed, the design is just impeccable. The heel isn’t too high, but enough to give you a lift and that statement feeling you get when wearing them. The elastic design has a V-shape, which you don’t see as much on chelsea boots. The elastic is from a high quality and very stiff, yet you don’t have any trouble getting these boots on.

I have a size 37 and I feel they fit true to size. Only thing I’ve noticed is that the left shoe feels a bit more narrow than the right one, and normally I never have this problem. So I don’t know if maybe somebody already tried them on… however, they still look crisp. But I don’t feel them cut anywhere and I think they’ll won’t need any breaking in, but I’ll give you an update on that when I’ve worn them more.


My favorite detail on these boots, is the metal pointed toe. I don’t know how to describe it exactly, but it’s just PERFECT. I prefer wearing shoes with a pointed toe, so I don’t mind it much when my shoe is a bit narrow, but with these I don’t have that feeling at all. They just feel super comfortable and I can’t wait to wear them every day.


So, this is my first impression of the Acne Studios Jensen boots. I’m sure you’ll see them online a lot in the coming season, when the days get a bit colder. I’ll make sure to give a realistic review on them once I’ve felt I’ve worn them enough to give a good opinion. But I doubt these will let me down…

What do you guys think about these boots? 

You can buy them here, and trust me, you won’t regret them. 

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