A trip to: The Ardennes in Belgium


First of all, this post has a lot of pictures, so it may take some time to load.


Last weekend we went for a little trip in our own country. For those who don’t know, I live in Belgium, a rather small country between The Netherlands and France. But even though we are so small, we do have some amazing places, both cities and nature. One of those places is a region we call ‘The Ardennes’. It’s not the official name of the region, but more of a tourist name.

The Ardennes is known for it’s beautiful nature, such as the woods, caves and rivers. On our first day we visited The Caves of Han. These caves are one of the biggest in Europe and are millions of years old. Due to the guided tour and bad lighting in the caves, we weren’t able to shoot great pictures, but you can visit the website for more information. If you ever find yourself in the neighborhood, definitely pay them a visit. Even though I’ve seen these caves a numerous of times, I still won’t get enough of the overwhelming feeling you get when entering. These caves are millions of years old like I said and it’s just amazing how nature works and shapes such beautiful places. It always makes me think about my own life and how small we are in this world… makes every problem seem much smaller than we think it is.


I just love being confronted with nature and how we humans have evolved around it and built all these beautiful cities and places (not always for the better). But one of those beautiful places is Dinant. A city not far from the Caves of Han and built in the Upper Meuse Valley. On top of a vertical flank of a rock, you find the Citadel, a stronghold. The view from above is pretty nice, but I love the climb even more – even though I’m not the biggest fan of staircases.




The second day we took some time to walk and go urban exploring. We went to see an old stronghold in the woods. Which wasn’t easy to find, especially with a puppy that was too tired to walk. So I had to carry Suki in my scarf for a while. But it was totally worth it, this ruin was pretty cool to see and we took some great pictures as well.


At night we went back to the little town at our hotel and found we were just there on the right day! At night there was a concert and some fireworks. I had to miss the fireworks, since I stayed at the hotel with our dogs but we did get some cool shots.


On the third day we went for some more urban exploring. It’s amazing how these locations get you to the most beautiful places. We went to see some old satellites but didn’t manage to get the best shots… we also stopped at some fields to some pictures of ourselves and our beloved pets.

The satellites I believe used to be weather satellites we think, since there seemed to be an old weather station. It’s pretty cool, when you search these satellites on google maps you can see them standing in an L-shape for about two times one kilometer.



The second stop that day was ‘La Tour de la Famenne‘. It used to be a spinning restaurant in a tower, with on the domain a water slide and a pond where you could jet-ski. The restaurant closed about twenty years ago and isn’t accessible. Such a shame, but wouldn’t have loved the idea to go up either.



The last stop we made was this abandoned vacation resort from the fifties. It used to be such a beautiful building and now it’s completely ruined. We didn’t go in too far since there was so much damage, but we did get some amazing pictures and the domain was just so big!



And that was it! We had three fun days with good weather, not the best food, but definitely amazing views and locations. And the dogs enjoyed being out in nature so much!

Did you guys ever visit the Ardennes or are you planning to? Let me know in the comments!



The pictures in this post are shot by Gerben Steyaert and Koen Steyaert. A great thanks to them for always being patient and taking time to support this blog! Definitely check out Moments Of Colour for more pictures or bookings. 

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