Hi guys

I’ve been away for some time (again) and that will probably happen again, since I still work fulltime next to blogging. But let’s not dwell on it for too long!

Today I have one of my favorite outfits for you guys, or rather, my favorite color combination. I call it the ‘Blenheim’-combination, since that’s the color of my dog. I’ll insert a picture to remind you of him ❤


So this combination of white and brown is called Blenheim in the Cavalier-world. And being the doglover that I am, I love to match my outfit to my dog. During fall I love to wear accessories in this cognac-brown shades with an all white outfit. For this outfit I picked my favorite brown leather jacket and paired it with simple white jeans and a white tee.

Especially now that the days are already getting colder, I need some warm tones in my outfit. The contrast of the warm brown and neutral white is just perfect to complement the fall colors that are making their appearance in nature.

What do you guys think, do you have a favorite color combination for fall?


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