A trip to: Mauritius

Those who follow me on Instagram (@runwwolves) know that I recently had a dream-vacation at Mauritius.

I’ve never travelled anywhere like this island. Mauritius is truly an enchanting place with it’s amazing sunrises, beautiful beaches and amazing people. It took us about 24 hours to get there, but it was completely worth it. Once we arrived in our resort, which was LUX* Belle Mare the whole trip was forgotten. When you arrive at the gate, you already feel the luxury and carefree vibe that hangs around this resort. The people who work there are so friendly and welcoming, a truly amazing staff. We stayed on the island for 7 days and had a trip we’ll never forget, so if you’re interested in discovering a little bit of paradise on earth, keep on reading!


The Resort – LUX* Belle Mare

The greatest tip I can give when you’re planning to go to Mauritius, is to choose a great resort. Those amazing white beaches with blue water and palm trees are most likely to be private beaches owned by a resort. Really keep this in mind when booking your trip.

We expected excellent things from LUX* Belle Mare and we weren’t disappointed at all, in fact, we found ourselves amazed by the hospitality of the staff and possibilities on the resort. This was by far the most luxurious stay we ever had. First of all the decor was amazing. From the moment you step out of your car/taxi, you feel like you are in heaven. Our room was so nice and modern, with a lot of space and an amazing balcony view. And the room was kept clean at least twice a day, which is great when you have a beach vacation. There were so many great places to sit during the day and the hotel has a couple of different ‘restaurants’ which made it foodie paradise as well. And I can only say, the food was amazing! A mix of asian, indian and french cuisine makes everyone happy. There was just so much to eat and so much new tastes to discover. The infinity pool was just enchanting. At night they would light lanterns in the middle of the pool, creating the most romantic view while dining. The whole resort had couple zones, where there are no children allowed and you can relax and enjoy. One of our last days we took a massage at the spa and wow, we were amazed by it. Feeling completely relaxed, enjoying the nice views and great smells from their local products… I couldn’t recommend another resort more than one of the LUX*-chain.

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The Island

We decided to rent a car for a day, to see more of this amazing island and it’s amazing nature. Since Mauritius is a rather small island, we were able to see the southern half of it in just a day. Of course you can’t see everything, but we did drive along the coastline and made a few amazing stops. On our way to the Chamarel waterfall we took a stop at a Hindu temple at Grand Bassin. There are two great Hindu monuments, one of them is a 33 meters big statue of Lord Shiva. A little further we took a stop at a local market right next to a viewpoint, which gave us an amazing view over the mountains. We also went to see the Chamarel grounds, with its amazing waterfall and seven colored earth. This was somewhat a tourist place and you could only see both from a platform, but it showed how amazing the nature is around here. There surely were some hiking paths, but since we aren’t the best hikers, we decided to discover more about the island by car. We drove around Le Morne which is a peninsula and a mountain, creating amazing views.

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Ideal honeymoon destination

This island – and more, the LUX* resorts – are truly a honeymoon destination. Giving you all the possibilities to have a carefree vacation and giving you all the luxury you need to completely relax. Even though we weren’t on our honeymoon, out trip did get some of the romantic vibes since we got engaged there. Completely unexpected and romantic as can be he popped the question and I said yes, making this really a vacation I’ll never forget.



A little about the trip… we travelled to Mauritius with Emirates in the biggest plane I’ve ever seen, an airbus A380 which gives all the comfort you need for long flights. We took off in Schiphol (AMS) and had a stop in Dubai (DXB). If you can choose to take a stop in Dubai, just do it. This airport is really amazing and flying over Dubai and seeing the Burj Khalifa and those famous Palm Island from the sky is MIND BLOWING.  We had two flights from about 7 hours to get in Mauritius and our stop in Dubai was about 5 hours, which gives you just enough time to stroll to the amazing shops and relax.


Have you ever visited Mauritius? How did you find it and would you recommend others to visit this island? I’d love to hear how you enjoyed it! 


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