Why I’m starting a capsule wardrobe again.

As you guys may have read, I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed when it comes to my wardrobe. I’ve had this feeling before… In 2014 I dealt with the exact same thing. After several Youtube videos on how to clear out your wardrobe, I came across Project 333 and decided to give it a try. Project 333 is a capsule wardrobe where you wear only 33 items for the next 3 months and don’t add new stuff to it. There is this great supportive community and I succeeded in not buying anything new for 3 months and felt so light!

Project 333 wasn’t a long-lasting succes for me and I’ll tell you all about it in another post, but the capsule wardrobe-thing did stick in my head and I’m picking that one up again. I wanted to share with you guys the main reasons why I loved having a capsule wardrobe and what I wish to achieve with it this time. So grab a cup of coffee and relax…

Wear what you love

I used to be that kind of person that bought AMAZING items but was to afraid to wear them because they could get stained or something… which is just a shame, since clothes are made to wear. Having a capsule wardrobe made me think about what my favorite pieces were, and not including them just gave me heartbreak. So I did put them in my capsule and wore those favorites to shreds! And that feeling was also amazing. It’s sad when you have to put an item in the garbage bin because it’s ripped, but when you wore it like crazy, that just gives a feeling of satisfaction – and of course a reason to buy something new!

Not only look great, but feel great in what you wear

Including your absolute favorites and wearing them all the time just makes you feel good. The love you get from pulling that one item you treasure so much out of your closet in the morning and wearing it all day long, is just something that shows. And most likely people will compliment you on it, which leads to an even greater feeling. That’s what looking good is all about.

Find your personal style

With every capsule that passes, you’ll learn which pieces work for you and what doesn’t. The items you want to implement in every capsule are the items you should consider repurchasing and are the ones that describe your personal style. Sometimes you can be surprised by the items that you’ll keep, the things you keep using to style up other pieces for example. For me it was a simple, grey t-shirt. I didn’t consider it my favorite, but I felt that every time it was in the laundry basket, that I found it hard to put together outfits. So this was a key-piece without ever knowing it when I started.


Simplify your life

What I remember most from the last time I did a capsule wardrobe, is the light feeling it gave me. The overwhelming feeling I have now never occurred, simply because there wasn’t much to be overwhelmed with. Not only did it save me a lot of time in the morning, I felt better in my outfits as well because they were planned out and I had the ones I love on repeat. This feeling indicated that the experiment was a great succes and that is what I wish to gain out of it again.

Mindful purchasing

When you know your personal style, when you know what you need and how you can style pieces, you are going to buy way more responsible and that saves A LOT of money. You can implement some rules in your capsule wardrobe, like no shopping for three months, but those restrictions just don’t work for me. So I’d rather focus on what I need, what will work everything I already own and where I’m going to put it in my closet. Those things are usually enough to say to myself: no, you don’t need this – or you won’t get the wear out of it.


As I said, it isn’t the first time I’ve done a capsule wardrobe, but I do wish to get the same effect out of this new version I’m going for… what do you guys think about capsule wardrobes? 

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