Acne Pistol Boots Review

After splurging on the Acne Jensen boots I couldn’t resist on doing it again, this time with the Acne Pistol boots. I’ve been seriously indecisive about which one I would order the first time, so it was just a matter of time both of them would be in my wardrobe.

I’ve had them for about two months now. They instantly became my new favorite boots and I’ve worn them for about 22 times now. I can see these babies living in my wardrobe for a very long time…


A wardrobe essential

I fell in love with these Pistol Boots immediately after seeing them on Pinterest. Effortless, the clean and simple look with an edgy touch, sure describes my style. I have paired them with loads of different outfits and they go with just everything! Jeans, trousers, shorts, skirts, dresses, … you name it. This boot is a very timeless piece that will never go out of style, which makes them a great investment.

Breaking them in

I read on other blogs that these boots are a hell to break in, so that made me very doubtful in the first place, but the love was bigger than the fear. These boots aren’t the price range that you ‘just give a try’, but I took the plunge anyway. And being honest, these boots were quite painful the first five to ten times wearing them.

Bron: Pinterest

As I said, these are made from a very high quality leather. When you put them on the first time, they are very sturdy, but the leather sets really easily. You quickly feel the leather getting softer and more supple. In the picture above you see how they set after a while. I think it took about a week to really break them in and now they are the most comfortable boots ever. I walked about 15 km with these boots in New York without trouble.


The shopping experience

As always, I would advice to try these boots on in store if possible… I didn’t try them on first and just ordered them online at Other bloggers advised to size up, but I ordered my normal size (EUR 37) and they fit perfectly. I can wear them with normal socks and thicker socks, after breaking them in of course.

This was my forth time buying from the Acne Studios webshop and I never had any trouble with my orders. Everything arrives in time, you can track your order and it is delivered with the highest care.

They come in the signature pink box from Acne Studios, packed with great care. Unpacking an Acne Studios delivery is always so much fun, the way everything is carefully packed and the details on everything just make me so happy. I always feel like a little kid opening a long awaited Christmas present. Sure you pay more for these boots to have the experience, but that’s what I love about high end and luxury fashion.

You also receive two dust bags, which are amazing when you travel a lot. It keeps these boots protected without putting them in an awful plastic bag.





Worth their price?

ABSOLUTELY! I’m not the biggest spender when it comes to shoes, so these are my most expensive pair, but I wish I would’ve saved up for them sooner. I bought these boots at for € 430. I know this is a rather pricy boot, but I do think you get a good deal for your buck.

First of all, this is a very high quality boot. The sole is thick, which makes it more long-lasting. I’ve recently bought boots from a normal price range (€ 150), but the sole is so thin, that they already look quite worn out. That won’t happen anytime soon with these babies… They also have a very sturdy zipper and heels, just everything about these boots show the craftsmanship.

The leather might be sturdy in the beginning, but it’s also very durable when you give it the right attention and care. These boots will get the worn-look after a few times, but that’s part of their charm. If you want boots that will stay clean and crisp, I suggest thinking about another pair. But if you’re into that rock-n-roll, edgy look these are the best available!

I couldn’t be happier with these boots.





4 thoughts on “Acne Pistol Boots Review

  1. Great review thanks! I especially like the image of the three side by side to show the wear. Also good to know that I need to give them a bit of time to break them in before giving up 🙂

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