Tips to feel great at home this Winter

These winter days aren’t the happiest time of the year. Even though it’s ‘the season to be jolly’ a lot of people struggle with a ‘winter-dip’ (that’s how we call it here in Belgium). You can best describe it as an unpleasant state of mind due to the cold and dark days. A lot of people feel limited in their actions, since it’s raining so much, there isn’t a lot of fun in going for a walk with the dogs for example. We spend way more time inside at home that we do in summertime, and that can get a little bit boring after a while.

True that it’s ‘the season to be jolly’, but those holidays only last a little and in fact, they aren’t always the most pleasant days as well. Christmas dinners can cause a lot of stress and maybe we don’t get along with our family as good as we want to. Anyhow, even though I love this season at this point in my life, it hasn’t always been that way and I know for a lot of people that it isn’t all happiness…

I bundled up all my holy-grail tips for getting thru this season all happy and inspired! So take a coffee or some tea and keep reading if you want to make the best out of this season!


1. Make it cosy at home

First thing first, we spend A LOT of time inside when it’s cold and dark outside. So before we start talking on how you can make the best of this time, it’s important to know that your surroundings influence you.

Investing in your home during winter time is a smart thing to do. That one scented candle that is really overpriced, can bring you joy and happiness for a lot of hours. And that open fireplace really brings the cosiness into your living room… For example, I really enjoy sitting in front of the fireplace and reading a good book, or working on a new blog post (like I am doing right now!).

Having natural elements like wood, fire, plants, … are also things that bring happiness inside. During summer we see this natural beauty everywhere, but when fall has passed there isn’t too much green left outside, and with that the daylight gets a lot cooler as well. Surround yourself with warm and natural elements to keep the balance in life. You’ll find that you’ll enjoy everything so much more.


2. Enjoy your time inside

Now that we talked about making your place the snugliest, we can talk about productive – or maybe not that productive – things to do! Personally I love to stay at home and not having to go outside. Taking time to read or write without anyone asking you to go for a meetup or something, brings me at ease. Every year I find myself reading the most books between November and March.

This is also a great time to do some chores at home. Like cleaning out your wardrobe, putting together a new piece of furniture, redecorate somewhat, … If you’re spending all this time at home, you’d better be somewhat productive?

And maybe something a bit more unproductive, but such a guilty pleasure, binge watching your favorite shows. Spending a snow day on the sofa with some wine and tasty food is GREAT. This is not something we do every day – not even every weekend – but from time to time it can feel so good to just do absolutely nothing productive.


3. Get the wear out of your winter wardrobe

No doubt that I’m a summer person when it comes to my wardrobe. Wearing a lot of layers only makes me feel trapped and I sweat way more in them than I ever would during the hottest day of summer… However, I do love a great knit and wool scarves. Getting the wear out of these items is something that really brings me joy. After a couple of months I’m so sick of them, but looking back at pictures from winter, I love how I looked in these sweaters.

And boots! Man, do I love boots. Wearing my over the knee boots, my ankle boots, my Dr. Martens, … day in day out is something that gives me a lot of satisfaction. Call me a materialist – since I am – but as a fashion lover I enjoy dressing for every season and all kind of weather.

4. Experience nature in this season

Snow! Do I need to say more?

There is just something about that clean crisp snowcarpet in your garden. Snow isn’t the most practical weather, but it sure is the most beautiful. We all long for a white Christmas every year because of the magical scene it creates. So when it snows, enjoy it! Enjoy how nature makes such great beauty, enjoy how the snow feels under your feet and quickly it’s gone again.

Every season has it’s charmes, so does winter. The beautiful skies, the way you can see your breath when you go outside, bald trees that change the landscape, … take a moment to really let it in and feel connected to the world around you.


5. The holiday spirit

To be honest, I’m not really a big fan of Christmas… Spending time with my family hasn’t always been the easiest for me. For years I prayed for these to be over soon, but this year I find myself looking forward to being at home with family. Opening presents under the Christmas tree and stepping in to a new year full of promise. There is just something about the fact that we tell ourselves we have ‘a new shot’ at a great year. Full of ambition, hopes and dreams. I do find that every year gets more and more amazing for me, so I’m definitely SUPER EXCITED about 2018. That’s even why I’m enjoying these last weeks even more. Knowing that 2017 was a great year where a lot of dreams came true, makes me want to fully store it in my memory, ’till the last day of it.


Did you guys enjoy 2017 as much as I did? Or do you hope for a better year in 2018?

Anyway, I wish that all your dreams may come true in the years to come and that you feel as happy as I feel at this moment. ‘Cause trust me, they weren’t lying when they said “The best is yet to come”.


About the outfit

Since today wasn’t the coldest of days, I decided to pair one of my favorite knits with a classic black blazer. This wool scarf I added to give some warmth when there is a cold breeze – or to protect my hair when there is some rainfall.

I wanted to go for contrast by adding black on a neutral toned outfit and these boots were just perfect for that! I feel that they are such an elegant pair, with the pearls and the classic design. I think I’ll be getting a lot of wear out of them…

Blazer: Esprit (old) – similar
Sweater: Asos (old) – similar
Chino: Zara
Boots: Via Roma (now on sale!)
Scarf: Acne Studios (only in other colors)
Bag: Gucci


Photography by: Koen Steyaert & Gerben Steyaert




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