Proenza Schouler PS11 Classic Review

There is nothing like a classic designer handbag to elevate your entire wardrobe… those were my exact thoughts when I ordered the Proenza Schouler PS11 last year. An elegant and timeless bag in black – what else – to go with, oh let’s say, EVERYTHING I own. This is my first luxury bag and I wanted it to be something that would stand the test of time, and since buying a Chanel bag was way out of my league last year, I went for this beauty.


The decision

Let’s be clear about something first… I’m not a famous, rich person that can buy € 1500 bags without having to think about it nor do I get these bags from sponsors. So buying a luxury bag is something that takes a lot of time, not only for saving up to it, but also pending on which bag is the best choice and which will bring me the most joy.

There are SO MANY great bags out there, but I wanted my first one to be one I would keep using over and over – ’cause hey, you’re spending a complete months’ paycheck. So for me it had to be black and high quality leather in a classic design. You can check every bag I was craving for back than here. This bag kept popping up on my Pinterest feed, so I kept falling in love with it over and over again. The simplicity, the versatility and the fact that no one I know has this bag, was what won me over.

I wanted a bag that would be great for everyday use at work and would fit my camera, so  the classic version was the best for me. There are also a mini version which isn’t that much smaller and a sort of wallet-style, which I think is new since 2017.

The shopping experience

First I did some research on where to buy this bag (price, customer service, delivery time, …) and Net-à-porter was the best website for me to order. I’m really satisfied with NAP since they shipped my bag really quickly and it was delivered in – I think – 4 days. Only advice I can give is make sure you (or someone you know) is at home at the moment of delivery. The order is secured and they work only with the best delivery firms, but still, it’s a package of great value…

The bag was delivered with the highest care and was inside the famous black NAP boxes with the ribbon on it. OMG I love to open packages like this… there is so much to open and discover and the SMELL!!! I just love the smell of a new leather bag… in every way you feel the love that has been put in creating this item.

This bag also came with its original dust bag from Proenza Schouler. And I do recommend putting it in this bag when you’re not using it, so the leather will keep it’s colour and won’t get damaged. I also kept the filling that’s inside the bag when it’s delivered. When mine is stored I fill it up, so it will keep its shape. I feel like this is really necessary if you want to keep your bag in pristine condition, since the leather can shift its shape when not stored correctly.

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One year in

When I bought this bag in November 2016 I just knew I was going to use it over and over again… and yes I do keep track of it with my Stylebook app. I have worn this bag over 114 times this year, which definitely makes it my most worn bag ever. This has to do with the fact that 1) it goes with just everything I own and 2) the luxury feel of a designer bag is something that works quite addictive.

This bag has hold up so perfect!

It actually still looks brand new, still smells like new and has kept it’s shape very well. I do take good care of all my stuff, so I never put this bag on the floor and once or twice a year I clean my leather bags with leather grease, to keep the leather soft and hydrated. Since it rains quite a lot in Belgium, I also use a leather protector frequently (I would say every three months or so). When I’m not using my bags, they go – stuffed – inside their dustbag and into my closet.

But other than that, I have used this bag for everything you can imagine: as my daily work bag, as my bag while traveling, for fancier dates and just to go grocery shopping… I do believe things are made to be used. What’s the fun in having a great luxury bag if you never take it out?


Pro’s and con’s

Maybe it sounds crazy, but I don’t see any cons on this bag, except that it’s quite expensive, but that a choice you make if you want to buy a designer bag. There are however A LOT of pro’s:

  • Versatility: if you’re into a classic style with loads of neutrals and black, this is a bag that will go with absolutely everything. Don’t like it in black? Proenza Schouler frequently bring them out in different colors, like cobalt blue or in snakeskin. I still remember Tamara wearing the blue one over and over again on her blog. (Need style tips? She also has the black one)
  • Very high quality: as I said, € 1500 is not something most people throw over the counter easily for a bag. But you do get a very high quality bag for your money. The leather is very durable just like the hardware.
  • The real deal: since this isn’t a highly hyped bag, there isn’t a (big) counterfitting market. When you spot this bag, it’s mostly the real deal.
  • Fits a lot: Okay, a tote bag will fit more, but I can easily take all my stuff with me in this bag. Like my sunglasses (with box), a camera, my wallet, some lipstick and my phone. And my agenda fits as well!

This was my first luxury bag that I bought, so I don’t think I will ever part with it… Can you tell I’m in love?



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