2017 was AMAZING!

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Wow, this year has gone by SO FAST! I probably say that every year, but hey, who’s counting? I feel like this was one of the best years so far and so many amazing things have happened. Lets take a trip down ‘2017-memory-lane’ and grab a cup of coffee.

2017 Highlights


The best phone call I had this year was on march 19th, hearing our little Suki was born and we would be having a puppy. Two weeks later we went to visit her and I was in love. We still had to wait until May to take her home, but this was such a happy period in our life.

We did some amazing trips, like going away for the weekend to The Ardennes in Belgium with our dogs…


Our next trip was Mauritius which was the first time traveling outside of Europe for me. I had never been on a plain for more than two hours and now we had two flight of each six hours… my bum hurt like hell afterwards. But it was all worth it, since we got engaged at the island! Overtime I look down at my ring I relive this amazing trip over and over again. And flying over Dubai was also something that impressed me a lot, seeing the Burj Khalifa from the sky was really fantastic.


Our last trip was to New York City, which was so overwhelming and yet made me put everything so in perspective. How small we are and how big the world actually is. I love going to places that make me realize how little we actually are on the face of the earth and how our problems can be so tiny and irrelevant.

I know for some people this isn’t the crazy life, but seeing where I come from, I’m so thankful to experience all these amazing things and see so much of the world with such luxury.

Favorite outfits

Of course I stepped up my blogging game a bit this past year and that resulted in some of my favorite outfits. I still am that girl who always wears black, white or grey, but these outfits where somewhat different from what I’m used to and have just stolen my heart.


For the love of white jeans.


Parisian Ruffles.






Little White Dress.






Mellow Yellow & Fast Fashion.

Oktober1 (5 van 10)

3 tips to overcome negativity


Tips to feel great at home this Winter

I hope you all had an as amazing year as I did and if you haven’t, I wish you all the best for the year to come! Remember, always believe something amazing is about to happen.

Love, K.




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