Gucci Dionysus Mini Review

Now that my second designer-bag-baby has been in my closet for about two months, I found that it was time to do a more in dept review. Reading other bloggers’ reviews was something that helped me a lot during the decision-making process. I’m surely not rich enough to buy designer bags as an impulsive purchase, so I do tend to do a lot of research and hope to give you guys the information that I was looking for back then.

About the bag

First of all, let’s talk about this bag. This is the Gucci Dionysus Supreme mini bag – what a mouthful. This style, the Dionysus collection, comes in a lot of different sizes and shapes. You have top-handle bags, wallet on a chain, cross-body bags, … But I mostly loved this classic style of the chain-bags. This particular style also comes in different sizes; mini, small and medium are the most common ones. And as last you can also choose in style and material. So there is a bag for (almost) everyone!

Prices start at € 1250 in Europe – except the WOC – for the Canvas-Suède mini, which is the one I have here. For me, this is an acceptable price for a high quality designer bag.


I ordered this bag at the Gucci online store (more about that below), but before I ordered, I tried it on in the 5th av. store in NYC. At first I wanted to go for the all suède beige medium bag, but 1) this bag was way too big for me and 2) I read a lot about the colour transfer on the suède when wearing this bag with denim. At first I found the canvas a bit too much with the logo print, but after trying it on I fell in love.

This Gucci-print has been around for so long – I still remember myself walking around as a young teenager with my aunts Gucci – so I believe this will eventually always come back in style or will be considered as ‘vintage’ in 20 years or so. Plus, I actually liked the edgy and bold look! Yes it screams Look at me, I’m a Gucci bag but hey, let’s be honest, we don’t mind wearing a Gucci bag at all.


When delivered it was an absolute pleasure to do the unboxing. It was so nicely packed and it came with the stores shopping bag, which looks like a piece of art. The bag came in the signature white/black Gucci box with a black ribbon wrapped around it.

And as all designer bags, it came with a dustbag to store it in. I always put my bags in their dustbag when I’m not using them and I also use it when traveling. Nothing but a great customer experience when getting your bag.


The quality and material

When I was still considering to buy this bag, I did some research on other blogs and what I found were a lot of people asking the question: Is this bag worth it since it’s a canvas bag? Let me first talk about the material before I actually give my opinion about this.


This bag is mostly made out of canvas, suède leather and metallic hardware. The fabric you see with the classic Gucci-logo on it, is canvas. The flap you see under it, is the suède fabric which comes in different colors. This suède part is actually the reverse side of the canvas part, so the entire bag is as much suède as it is canvas. They just put the canvas on the exterior and the suède on the inside / sides of the bag.


Since the exterior of this bag is mainly canvas, it’s very durable. The canvas material is scratch resistant, can stand some rain and you don’t have to worry about color transfer that you see on the completely suède ones.

The hardware on this bag is really one of the best I’ve seen yet. This is a serious thick chain, which I personally love. It does make the bag a little heavier, but since it’s a mini I don’t find it a heavy bag. The chain is very long, but can be worn double so you can wear it as cross body or as a shoulder bag.


When you look up the mythology about Dionysus, you’ll find that he was able to ride a cheetah. So the clasp are two cheetahs facing down. This is the part of the bag that I LOVE THE MOST. This is such a beautiful, symbolic piece that gives meaning to this fashion item and has learned me something new. I just love it when designers put some thinking in their work.

GucciDionysus-9.JPGUnderneath the canvas flap in the clasp, you’ll find the lock, which opens with a sort of button you have to push to open it. This give a very secure feeling and only makes it more luxurious, because who wants a bag that opens on it’s own?

I’m 170 cm and this is the perfect cross body bag for me, it’s the perfect length and the mini also has the ideal measurements to be worn like this. I also tried out all the other sizes, but found them to big on me, plus they weren’t meant to be worn as a cross body, the style that I prefer.

You can also get these bags in a lot of different materials and color combinations, like one with red or black suède or a completely suède or leather bag.


Is it worth it?

So is this bag worth its price considering it’s a canvas bag?

Like I said before, this bag is as much canvas as it is suède, so you have to keep that in mind. I know a lot of people expect a designer bag to be made out of the finest high quality leather before it’s worth the high price, but let’s be honest here. We can all find a bag in the softest lambskin leather for about € 250 somewhere. We aren’t just paying for the quality materials, but also for the design, the brand and status of a bag.

 I do expect a high quality out of a € 1250 bag, and that’s exactly what Gucci has given me with this canvas edition. It’s easy to maintain, I don’t have to baby this bag and this just makes it the perfect bag for everyday use.


A perfect casual bag

The Dionysus has been my go-to bag ever since I’ve got it. I’ve used it on a daily basis, went to work with this bag, went shopping, … Mini bags have always been my thing. I never needed more than my bare essentials and those fit perfectly in this bag.

It’s also a very easy to style bag, since the eye-catching print gives an instant statement-look. Some would say this GG-print creates a walking-billboard phenomena but I find it easy to mix this print in my outfits. It goes great with an all black outfit, so you can create contrast and enhance the edgy vibe this bag has. It also works great with faux-fur coats in my opinion, I don’t know why exactly, but there is something about the combination of this canvas print and the texture of faux-fur. And if these aren’t enough options, I’ve seen several Pinterest pictures featuring this bag and an all white or denim outfit, which I absolutely LOVE. Can’t wait to keep wearing this bag all summer long.

Pro’s and con’s

I do love my bags as if they are my babies – yes, call me materialistic – but I can still be honest about these beautiful pieces. Here are my pro’s and con’s:


  • The clasp is such great quality that the bag tends to lean forward by the clasp when you put it down. It won’t tip over or something, but when you see it from the side, you see it slightly tilted forward. I’ve also heard that this is because the bags are handmade.
  • Since it’s a mini bag, it doesn’t fit that much in it except my essentials (wallet, some beauty items, phone, notebook and some perfume).
  • The style is very trendy at the moment and I’m always a little afraid of this bag going ‘out of style’ but I do love the design and find this bag to be a perfect reflection of who I am.



  • A very durable bag that can take a lot – I still do take good care of all my items in life. But you can walk in the rain with this bag or go grocery shopping with it. I have two dogs that have already stepped on it and still looks brand new.
  • Perfect for everyday use since you can wear it multiple ways and don’t have to worry about it too much.
  • Very ‘trendy‘ and recognizable design by one of the biggest luxury brands. Because it’s always nice to be complimented on your bag or see people with the same interests as you.
  • The neutral color goes with so many styles and outfits, which makes it very versatile. I love this with an all black outfit, but also with faux fur, white jeans, a denim skirt or a red dress.

I ordered this bag at the Gucci webshop and the day after I freaked out after reading so many negative reviews on the Gucci service. People were waiting on their bag for about three months, so I did have a not so little panic attack for a few days. The bag was delivered in less than a week, it was perfectly packed and came with the Gucci-store bag as well. So I don’t have any complaints about my delivery with the Gucci webshop, I just never got a tracking number and was left unknowing for a few days.

What do you guys think about the Gucci Dionysus collection? Are you considering on buying this bag? 


9 thoughts on “Gucci Dionysus Mini Review

    1. Ooooh I love that one as well, it’s such a Classic, het edgy bag. Definitely on my wishlist as well! Let me know when you bought it, I would love to read a review on that one! xo


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