Closet Mission 2018

For many years I have felt overwhelmed by my wardrobe. Never knowing what to wear in the morning – or evening. I kept buying and buying, spending every penny I owned on clothes that wouldn’t last longer than 6 months. My New Years resolution was always the same, to quit shopping and save for the things that matter in life, like traveling.

After years of trial and error, I now have a much better view on fashion and consumerism.

With this post I want to talk about how my closet feels at this point in my life and what my vision is for 2018. So grab a cup of coffee – and don’t forget a little cookie – and join in to keep reading!


Current Closet Situation

I can honestly say that 2017 has been the first year where I felt that I DID have something to wear! There were some rare moments where I lacked inspiration to style my favorite pieces over and over again, but that only lasted for about a day. End 2016 I did a huge wardrobe clearout where I parted with all the items I hadn’t worn in the past year. Leaving only the items that I had been wearing over and over again. This made it so much easier to pick outfits in the morning and feel comfortable in what I’m wearing.

Taking a closer look at these timeless pieces and defining what it actually was that made love them so much, helped me see my personal style. I was constantly looking, but than I realized I already owned the style I adored.

Now my wardrobe isn’t as big as it used to be – or better said, now I own way more space than before – but the items that remained are worn with such love, over and over again.

This is my top 10 most worn items from 2017:

  1. Acne Canada Scarf
  2. Proenza Schouler PS 11 (NOW ON SALE 40% OFF!!!)
  3. Acne Skinny Canada Scarf
  4. Levi’s Super Skinny Jeans
  5. Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mac
  6. Raramuri Flat Sandals
  7. Leopard Coat Zara
  8. Black Shearling Jacket Zara
  9. Pink Coat
  10. Gucci Dionysus Supreme Mini

I just love building all my looks around these classics.

Having this light feeling when opening my closet, seeing only what I truly love, makes me a very happy person. Now my mind is more clear in the morning and it saves a lot of time to get ready.


Shopping Statement

Past year has absolutely been my favorite when it comes to my shopping behavior. For years I wanted to shop less and resist the compulsive behavior I had when walking in a store. Seeing nice things was the only trigger I needed to spend all my money in an instant. Leaving me with a disappointed feeling just minutes after.

In 2017 I definitely shopped ‘less’, but I did spend more on the items I bought since I’m focussing more on luxury brands than I did before. Now that I’m almost hitting 30, I feel more comfortable buying designer clothing. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still shopping at Zara, but at this point I know what my signature style is and love investing in those pieces that I wear over and over again, like a white silk blouse.

So for 2018 I’m going to focus on both buying less as spending less, while investing my money in items I will love for years to come. My plan is not to buy any clothes unless they are a replacement for something I wear all the time, like a grey cashmere sweater or black denim.


Closet Mission

So in 2018 you can expect a lot of posts featuring timeless items – I do tend to buy another bag or two – where I’ll have to work with what I already own and that’s something I really look forward to!

My current closet situation makes me about 89% happy and the part that doesn’t make me happy is the fact that I don’t get the wear out of everything I own. The perfect motivation to keep working with what I’ve got.

Follow my Parisian style

Maybe it’s because of my French roots, but I’ve always felt connected to the Parisian style. The simple elegance mixed with the roughness of a complex natural beauty – which isn’t always so beautiful – hello tired look – but it’s not just the appearance of these women, more the vibe they give when they walk in a room. They make it seem like they rule the world without a problem.

Parisiennes are such sources of inspiration in life and style.

That is why I decided to follow my inner-Parisienne this year. I already own ‘the classic french pieces’ and wear them to death, but it’s not just about the clothes. This year is about embracing who I am and settle with my signature look.

Invest in items that will make me happy for a long time

This Parisian look has been ‘my thing’ for a couple of years now, so I KNOW a classic black leather jacket, worn jeans and white blouse make me happy. As do I know that tops with flowers on it make me feel like the most plain girl that ever lived – not that I’ll ban them forever tough.

Having a clear view on what I wear most is a great start to decide in which items I’m going to invest. For instance, I have been wearing a white blouse as a standard for over four years now, when I have to replace it, I’ll tend to invest in one that really gives me that luxury feel every time I wear it.

Focus more on what I have instead of what I want

Following all these amazing bloggers online, checking online stores now and then, … these aren’t always the best influences. There will always be something I see that I would like to have and will start obsessing about, mainly designer bags since they are my great weakness – but hey, who’s to blame?

What I have learned in 2017 is to keep looking at what I already own. I already bought all these amazing items not so long ago and they are still items that reflect who I am. And as much as I love trends – I still am a fashion blogger – I love following my own signature style more. Focussing on who I am and what I want to say with fashion is what I have to keep doing.

Get the wear out of lost loves

I do a wardrobe clear-out on a regular basis – every three months – and every time I get confronted with all these amazing pieces that are just hanging there, collecting dust. That really breaks my heart. Every three months I go all KonMari on my wardrobe and think about every piece that’s in there. Does this spark joy when I wear it? When the answer is no I don’t think about it too much and part with the item. But there are so many pieces still in there that actually do make me feel amazing, but that just simply come second-place to my French Classics.

So in 2018 I am going to implement these lost loves more in my daily closet and get the wear out of them before they go out of style or lose their shape and joy.

For my daily outfits – mostly to go to work – I have this Fluid Capsule system where I have 5 à 9 outfits on repeat. At the end of the month I evaluate all my outfits and choose which ones I will be wearing in the next month. But I’m planning on writing a post on this for later this year. My intention is to implement one of my Lost Loves in this fluid capsule every month, so that they get the love they deserve.

Wear my outfits on repeat

As I just said, I already wear certain outfits on repeat and that is something I want to keep doing in this new year. It’s so much easier in the morning to pick an outfit you know you feel good in and have just recently worn. And when a certain outfit just doesn’t do it anymore, I mix it up with a new item or accessory and it feels all brand new without losing my signature style.


Blog plans

This years plan is also to show more of me on this blog. They say comparison is the thief of joy and that is something I experienced more than ever in 2017. I kept comparing myself to these top-bloggers, which have been in the industry way longer than I am and therefore there is no need to compare myself with them, instead, I’m letting them inspire me to get the best out of myself and this blog.

So less new and trendy items in 2018, but more on a sustainable and classic wardrobe. One you can wear on a daily basis in a colder – and wet – climate. I want to create for myself and for people like me, who love fashion, but aren’t the richest in town nor are they on what seems a never-ending-vacation in L.A.

A blog for people who have fulltime jobs, wish to get the most out of life in every aspect and want to do it in a stylish way – with love for luxury items. I want to write about spending money on a timeless and classic wardrobe and not having to break the bank for it.

Just keeping it real.

Photography: Gerben Steyaert

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