Belle Princess of Fresh Air

What do you say guys, am I the only one desperately waiting for spring over here?! Guess not… I get so excited when I hear the little birds outside in the morning, the days are already getting a bit longer and it’s like the air is some kind of new, fresh air.

These january-february days are one of the hardest for me. Being sooooo close to spring, but yet in rainy and cold winter makes me kind of frustrated by times. I count down the days – seriously – to the beginning of spring. You know I’m a black-and-white kind of girl when it comes to my wardrobe, but you can expect A LOT of spring colors coming your way on this blog. I’m already dreaming about my lime green blazer I’ll wear, my floral printed dress and some ballerina flats… Oh those daydreams.

In the meanwhile I’m trying to add a little color once in a while to my otherwise dark winter wardrobe. This pink coat – which you’ve all seen before – is one of my favorites to do so. It’s not too bold, yet gives those pastel vibes you can already see in the sky these days (I love when my outfit matches the day). Yet I know that in summer I’ll long for my winter wardrobe again, so I do try to get the most wear out of these items while I can. This grey knitted sweater doesn’t come out a lot, but it’s such a warm and cosy piece. Paired it with my grey skinny and some knee high boots to keep it quite sober.






Are you guys also longing for spring and summer? 


Sweater: old
Coat: old (similar)
Grey denim: G-Star
Shoes: Tamaris
(will be replaced by these)
Bag: Gucci Dionysus

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