Furla Metropolis Review

Hi guys!

Now that spring is getting closer and closer – however, there is a serious snow carpet in front of me right now – I found it time to review one of my favorite spring bags, the Furla Metropolis mini bag. My long time followers may remember how excited I was last year about buying this bag and I’ve used it so much in 2017. This was a serious wardrobe staple for traveling to Mauritius. But let’s dig in a little deeper…

About the bag

So this is actually a mini-bag, which you probably could’ve figured out by the fact it’s called the Furla Metropolis Mini Bag. Yet, I never found it too mini to fit all my stuff, since this bag has one big compartiment to fit everything, it’s kind of roomy. It fits all my essentials like my phone (OnePlus 5t), a small wallet or cardholder, some make-up products and my sunglasses. Which is all I need in summer on a normal day.

The bag is made to be worn cross body and there aren’t too many other options to wear it, you can wear it as a shoulder bag, but it hangs very low, so cross body is the most comfortable way to wear it – and that’s the way I prefer to wear my bags.

Chances are you’ve already seen this bag a lot, since it’s quite of an iconic bag. Fact that it isn’t too pricy makes it very attractive and it’s a great bag for traveling. I haven’t been to one airport lately where I didn’t spot someone with this bag. And every time I see someone with this bag I do a little jump of joy in my head, that excited I am about this little baby.


Quality and material

This bag comes in all kinds of materials and colors, but overall the style is the same and so is the quality. This pink one I have is made of textured leather, which is actually a very durable material. Considering what this bag has been through this past year, it’s held up immaculately.

You can also get this bag in smooth leather, printed leather, textured leather, … and in all kinds of cool colors and crazy prints and designs. So chances are big you’ll find your perfect match.


The hardware on this bag is from a high quality, and hasn’t colored or scratched during this past year. Yet it isn’t a heavy bag, au contraire, it’s very light-weight which is only a plus. The padlock on the front is very elegant, but – don’t laugh – I had to look up on YouTube on how to open this bag. You have to push both ‘circle buttons’ towards each other. Once you figure it out, it’s very easy to open and when closed, it’s very secured. So great system.


Inside this bag you don’t find anything special. It’s actually one big compartiment with textile lining and a small space to store some papers or your cards. The flap is made of suede on the inside and is very soft. Not that it matters that much, but it’s all in the details.


Is it worth it?

Most definitely!

I don’t have to think about this for a second. This bag costs around € 250 which isn’t the cheapest bag, but doesn’t break the bank either. Considering the versatility of this bag and how durable it is, it’s one of the best investments I’ve made. Especially for a colorful bag, since I don’t tend to wear a lot of color.

I love this bag so much I would love to buy it in a more neutral color as well, so I can wear it all year round and on a daily basis. Yet, at this point I’m saving up for a Chanel bag, so it’ll have to wait a little longer – sad panda.

Pop of color

Like I said, I don’t wear to much color and that’s why I don’t want to invest too much in colored items. I’m not saying this is a cheap bag, it’s definitely not, but it’s not like I’m buying a € 1500 bag. So the CPW (cost per wear) won’t be too high and I have the advantage of wearing a designer bag from high quality. Plus, fact that it’s a mini bag complements the color so much more. It isn’t too much, understand?


Pro’s and con’s

To be honest, there are some con’s to this bag, but I do believe they are rather small ones, the bag can tend to lose its shape if you don’t store it well and you see this bag a lot, so the exclusivity isn’t really something. And the thing I find most disappointing is that you can’t wear the strap in any other way. But like I said, these con’s are hardly deal breakers, especially when you look at all the pro’s:

  • What I actually LOVE about this bag is the elegant and classic design. It’s actually a quite timeless bag you can easily dress up or dress down.
  • For a luxury bag this is a very affordable bag. During the sale you can score this bag for about € 150.
  • It’s a high quality bag made in Italy.
  • The durability of this bag is amazing. Like I said, I took it to summer events, to the beach and it still looks pristine.
  • A great range of colors so you will definitely find your own perfect match.

I’ve read some reviews online where they say the chain digs in their shoulder after some time, which makes it uncomfortable to wear, but I never experienced this in all this time. I’ve worn this bag during my summer holiday, and had it on my bare shoulder for a whole day and didn’t feel any discomfort. But it could be something you may take in consideration before buying this bag.

Here’s some inspiration on how you can wear this bag…


Overall, I would highly recommend others to buy this bag if you’re looking for an affordable luxury bag that you can take anywhere. It’s great for formal events, the big range of colors make it easy to find a cute summer bag and the quality is amazing. 

You can buy this bag here or here.

4 thoughts on “Furla Metropolis Review

  1. I also have a Furla Metropolitan bag! Mine is yellow but I also love the pink shade you have 🙂 It’s such a great investment like you said especially as it’s a classic and won’t go out of style.

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  2. A lovely bag!! Very chic and timeless look 😊 I also don’t wear much color and tend to stick to neutrals, so if I were to get a bag with a bold color, I’d also get something small. Great piece for spring! Wonderful purchase 😄


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