Spring Transition

Yesterday was such a beautiful spring day! The weather is warming up and we’re having more and more sunshine these days, which is just amazing. So I couldn’t wait any longer to start shooting some spring outfits with this one in particular.

I styled my denim skirt with a simple white blouse and white sneakers to keep it minimal and relaxed. To make it somewhat more feminine I added my new trenchcoat. Seriously, I’ve been searching for a great trenchcoat for some time now but never actually found one that suited me. Mostly they were too big or just didn’t flatter my bodyshape. But this one – especially due to the fabric – gives a little shape while accentuating my waist. Just perfect.



I also felt like I needed some new things this spring to get out of my ‘style-rut’ after winter, so I did a huge high street haul and yes, I cut off my hair! Well actually, my mom did it. I really loved my long hair and it was part of my identity, but year after year I kept complaining on how hard it is to actually maintain your long hair. It takes ages to get ready and get a good hair day – and most of the time I actually wore it in a bun, which kinda started looking like a turd on my head – GREAT. So after two days of doubting, I did it, I cut my hair and went for the long bob. And it feels AMAZING!

About 30 cm’s of my hair was cut off and I donated it to ‘Think Pink‘ to make a wig out of it. This way all those years of saving up has been for something. And now I feel great about two things, having a lighter haircut and doing something for charity. Call it a win-win.

Guess I’m ready to face spring and get back on track with new posts, more about capsule wardrobes and having outfits on repeat. Are you guys as excited as I am about spring? 




2 thoughts on “Spring Transition

    1. Thank you! Really, I’m so in love with this coat. Finding a great trench sure isn’t the easiest… Guess I tried on 10 different ones before finding this one. xo


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