Spring Capsule 2018



I know I’m rather late on sharing my Spring Capsule for 2018, but a serious cold front came over Europe, leaving temperatures below zero and a lot of rain – and even some snow. So the weather here in Belgium can still be described as winter weather instead of early spring. Which left me using my winter items a bit longer, even though I had a serious craving for lighter colors and fabrics. However, a capsule wardrobe should be realistic and wearing flats and blouses all the time wasn’t realistic at all (otherwise I would’ve had wet feet all the time).

Because of this long winter I did struggle with my capsule wardrobe and ended up buying a lot of new items to compensate not being able to wear old favorites – and this is NOT the way to do it. For me, a capsule wardrobe is meant to motivate me in wearing the items I already own over and over and to limit my shopping behavior. But this time I failed at it and that’s okay as well. I did manage to invest in some new items I love and see myself wearing over and over again. Items that are the new foundations of my all year basic wardrobe.

So for this Spring Capsule – that I finally managed to put together – I chose for only a couple of items in pastel colors. I didn’t really think about the color scheme, but just went for what I was drawn to, colors that blend in with the natural light in this time of year. Even though I love black so much, in February I’m mostly bored of wearing black over and over again. This is something that happens to me every year, and by June I’m all about black again. Since this happens to me every year, I can build my Spring Capsule around it. The 8 items I added are mostly new items, but I did shop the light suede jacket, powder colored blazer and beige bag from my last years wardrobe. These are all items I absolutely love, but find hard to wear all year round, so giving them some extra attention these coming months is the plan.

Since this will be a shorter capsule – and spring isn’t my favorite – I only added a couple of new items that I know I will get bored of quite quickly – only to fall in love with them next year. I try to keep my number of items as low as possible, because I know that having too much choice makes me go crazy in the morning and I lose oversight. Leaving me with nothing to wear and lots I want to buy.


The Zara Suède Jacket I bought during summer 2017 and it was such a succes. So many people had this jacket and it was sold out immediately. It isn’t the highest quality and the finish isn’t that great, but it’s perfect for those effortless days. While looking for a similar style I found that Zara is doing this exact same style this year, but in slightly different colors. So if you love it, I wouldn’t wait too long.

If you want to see how I’ll style these items for the months to come, make sure to follow my blog and follow me on Instagram.






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