Spring Workwear – 10 outfits on repeat

Guys, seriously, I’m so sad that Polyvore is down. I finally got a hang on it for creating these capsule overviews and they take the site down! But no worries, we’ll find another way to create this kind of capsule-content. Luckily I did create these spring workwear mini-capsules just before they shut it down, so I can still share with you guys the 10 outfits I’ve been having on repeat this Spring.

I really wanted to focus on getting the wear out of certain outfits and items, so I really took the time to think it through. This wasn’t easy you know, spring in Belgium is very changeable and we can have days where it’s only 10°C and the day after it’s 24°C, plus rain showers happen so often… So I needed a mini capsule that would keep me warm, dry and looks professional at the same time.

Since I wanted to try some lighter colors for spring, I went for two different color-palettes, one lighter toned and a darker one. To layer it up and add a little warmth, I choose my trenchcoat and black dressed coat. Off course my two wardrobe staples couldn’t be left out, being my Acne Canada Scarf and Proenza bag.


This is the first workweek where you see black as the main color. I combined it with neutral colors and denim – I really wanted to step up my denim game this year. This is absolutely my favorite workweek capsule ever! I think all five outfits are so elegant, classy and so me. These are also the outfits I see myself wearing on repeat all year round.

Outfit 1: My favorite, an all black outfit with all my favorites.
black button down // skinny jeans // loafers // black leather belt

Outfit 2: This is one of my favorites for rainy days at the office. I go to work by foot, so keeping my feet dry is the main focus when it’s raining.
cashmere sweater // skinny jeans // chelsea boots // black blazer

Outfit 3: Classic monochrome that is actually the same as the first outfit.
white button down // skinny jeans // loafers // black leather belt

Outfit 4: You can never go wrong with denim and a striped shirt
striped button down // skinny jeans // loafers // black leather belt

Outfit 5: Another outfit for when it’s raining. Hands down you’ve seen me in this one so many times before. I believe it’s my most worn combo ever.
striped shirt // skinny jeans // chelsea boots // black blazer


This second week is a lot lighter and just gives me a lot of spring vibes. I focussed on denim with neutrals, but left room for black accents – hey, that’s just who I am – with the black bag and coat. In reality I did mostly style it with lighter coats and my Gucci bag, which is also a more neutral color. See, endless possibilities…

Outfit 6: For those colder spring days I added my cashmere sweater.
cashmere sweater // skinny jeans // sneakers // blue blazer

Outfit 7: Classic denim and white button down. I’m so in love with these jeans…
white button down // jeans // flats

Outfit 8: This is also one I love so much. I’ve worn this one over and over again. With these skinny jeans you can either tuck your shirt in or let it hang over your jeans. Both just give such different vibes.
striped button down // skinny jeans // flats

Outfit 9: Almost the same as previous outfit, but the denim shirt makes it a bit more relaxed and adds some color to it.
denim shirt // skinny jeans // flats

Outfit 10: This one I haven’t actually worn yet, but it did look like a combination that would work.
t-shirt // grey blazer // jeans // sneakers


This is definitely a successful capsule in my opinion, but there have been some struggles at first. The weather hasn’t always been the easiest to deal with. A second struggle – as always – is laundry. I wash my colors separate (black – white – color) and find that it’s hard to fill up my washing machine after a week, leaving me with not enough clothes to wear. And yes, I do need to wash most my clothes after one wear since I tend to get sweaty – so gross to write this btw. Yet, keeping it real.

Cons about these two work-week capsules is that it’s soooooo easy to get dressed in the morning. Especially by the end of the week, where a few items are already in laundry, leaving me with mostly one or two options left. I do need to plan ahead a little and check the weather forecast, but most of the time I’m covered with these pieces and outfits. Plus, it feels so good having all these items on heavy rotation!

What are your ideas on a work-week capsule? 



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