Packing For Scotland

Finally, we’re getting ready for our trip to Scotland! We’ve been dying to go there for the past couple of years. We had our trip all planned two years ago, but unfortunately we had to cancel due to work. But now, no more waiting, it’s finally about to happen!

As much as I look forward to going on a trip, I hate the packing-part. I get stressed about it weeks ahead and never seem to ‘feel good’ in what I’m planning to take – I don’t know how those fashion bloggers do it – and I always pack or too much or too little. Packing for Scotland was even a bigger challenge, since it isn’t the most tropical destination and the weather can be very tricky. However, the climate is very much alike the Belgian climate so normally my basic wardrobe can cover it, hence the extra layer for cold and wind.

Oh, and good hiking shoes…

Which I almost forgot to buy.

Now, I wanted to guide you a little through my thought-process and what I decided to take with me, since we’re going for a road trip in the Highlands, but also have a few cities to visit.


These are mostly my outfits for the Highlands. I did have another ‘city-capsule’ made, but as you guys may know, Polyvore is dead –  R.I.P.

01 Jackets // Yes, coats and jackets, so important to pack for Scotland. This was also a hard one, because they take up so much space in your suitcase. I’m really glad that we’re going with our own car, so I was able to take a little more. I guess, if you have to choose you should definitely take a great raincoat , I bought my Jack Wolfskin coat about 4 years ago and it’s still such a great piece. Couldn’t recommend this one more. Another jacket that you absolutely can’t leave at home is a classic biker jacket. Not only does it look great with almost everything, it’s also a great layering piece when it’s windy.

02 Pants // Okay, I’m the ‘black skinny‘ kind of girl, so that one is coming with me everywhere. But since we’ll be driving a lot, I wanted to take my leggings as well for comfort. Also very recommended for hiking. And for those days in the city I also took two pairs of demin, one light wash and one dark wash.

03 Tops // We know we can expect all kinds of weather, from sunny to ice-cold wind, so I took a lot of tops that I can layer and that are made of natural fibers that hold warmth, like cashmere and wool.

04 Shoes // Of course my rainboots are coming with me – what did you expect? I bought them two years ago for our first planned trip to Scotland, and now these babies will finally be of good use (not that they haven’t already shown their worth). But I also bought some hiking shoes for day trips outside and packed my ‘city-shoes’ like chelsea boots and loafers for comfort. I’m not really a heel-kind of girl when I travel, since we like to walk – A LOT.

05 Accessories // Need I say that I’m taking my Acne Canada scarf? This wool baby has been my partner in crime for many years now. Wouldn’t want to miss any adventure with this one. Also, I’m not talking to many bags for this trip… My brown Rebecca Minkoff wil do great in the highlands.


Since I’m writing this about two hours before we leave – I didn’t know what to pack until the night before – I don’t have much content. But I hope to be doing these packing-posts more and grow with the proces and content. Above you find two pictures from a previous post that inspired my travel capsule.

So see you guys in a couple of days! 

And prepare for some Highland-outfits…




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