Summer Capsule 2018

As the weather is slowly changing, I’m experimenting with my summer capsule for the months to come. In my dreams I would be living in some warm city where the summer never seems to end and I wouldn’t have to think too much about what I was wearing…

But the summers in Belgium are rarely endless and hot, but more moderate with some short heatwaves – when you have to work of course. So I’m giving you guys a realistic view in my summer capsule. For those of you who are new here, you can find a bit more about capsule wardrobes here . I have an all year capsule wardrobe which has only the ‘basics’ and every 3 months – or whenever I feel like it – I add some seasonal pieces or trend items that I want mix with what I already have. This particular way of using the capsule wardrobe came from I absolutely adore Singne’s approach and her style, so definitely take a look over there.

So back to where we want to go…


As you may have seen in my previous Spring Capsule these are the items that are in my All Year Capsule and which are the foundation of my style and wardrobe. I tend to wear a lot of black, since that’s the colour I love myself most in. Some might say it’s a bit of a sad colour, but it sure makes me happy. So I mostly stick with the neutrals and spice things up by adding high quality pieces and designer bags.

SummerCapsule.jpgFor this summer I wanted to stay in the neutral zone and go for more khaki colored items with some more boho-vibes. I didn’t add much to my capsule, but I did add a little more than I’m showing here. My capsule needs to be practical and since the weather is quickly changing from day to day, I need more options than ever.

Of course my Raramuri Sandals had to be in it. These sandals where my most worn shoes all over 2017 and I still love them so much. Really, check out there website and all the possibilities these sandals have to offer. You won’t regret it. A review on these babies will come online soon as I’m working on the content. So keep posted for that one.

I also made two new purchases for this capsule and these two items will probably stay in my all year capsule as well. I’m talking about my most beloved Chanel bag and these Chloe Sussana dupes. I couldn’t justify spending over € 950 on shoes, since I trash them within the week. So I found the most amazing dupes. And with some discount codes they were under € 100 so that was a winner for me!


These are some outfits that I hope to have on repeat. Espadrilles are also a quick summer fix for a standard outfit with jeans, so let the lime and the coconut bring in some warm vibes. For now I implement these items in my regular outfits because I just can’t wait to wear them…



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