Slow Fashion Confessions

As you guys may know, I recently made a switch to slow fashion, you can read all about it here. Since this slow fashion thing isn’t really something you can switch to overnight, there are still some things I do, choices I make, that can’t really be considered sustainable. But I hope you guys give me a break on this, it is a path I just took and I’m still at the start of it.

So here are my confessions

Do you guys also hear Usher singing ‘these are my confessions’ in your head or is it just me? 

Okay, one thing I caught myself doing more than once was putting items in the laundry before they really need a washing – hoping they will wear out sooner so I can replace them with something that has the new shine on it. I feel so bad actually confessing this one.

I still buy H&M denim for under € 20 from time to time – this being once or twice a year – which in no way can be described as ethical or sustainably made.
No way.
But if this makes it any better, I do look at the label and make sure they don’t have too much polyester in them and I really wear these jeans until they are completely, and I mean completely, worn to shreds.
I just love their fit so much and haven’t found any sustainable denim brand that makes them suit my body.

Haven’t really caught myself buying any polyester clothing, but sometimes I do get attracted to polyester tops and blouses because they can look so expensive for a low price.
I know, that’s how they trick you into buying it.
Since I know polyester isn’t biodegradable and all these fabrics are causing landfill, I can’t get myself to buying it anymore. So I do really look at the fabric composition of every piece I buy, but sometimes you don’t really have a lot of choice. Recently I was shopping for a wool coat for fall/winter and found that almost every wool coat that looks great has polyester lining in them. Such a waste. Why don’t they use Tencell or something?

Another confession I have to make is that I don’t always know how to recycle properly. I have these worn out denims from H&M which I’ve had for years, but they are mostly made out of polyester. Do I put them in the trash, can I bring them to a recycling point? I have no clue how to recycle them in a way that’s best for our environment.
They are completely worn out, so donating them to someone else isn’t really an option. But to be honest, I’m quite proud of myself for really wearing these ones out.


Do you guys ever feel the same, even if you’re not really into the whole slow fashion thing? And do any of you have any tips on how to recycle properly? 

Photo by Marianne Krohn on Unsplash


One thought on “Slow Fashion Confessions

  1. Hey lovely. I love this honest blog post. It’s definitely the best start to only buy things you really like and know yo will wear over and over. It is so important to be honest with ourselves when it comes to clothing, only there can we start to grow.
    I used to love H&M jeans too but I decided to stop buying them as my favourite pair split, was so heartbreaking and a little embarrassing haha, I am also really short so they were always miles too long for me. I bought a beautiful pair of Levis instead as they have a free shortening service and their quality is amazing.

    About recycling clothes, I wrote this piece which you might find helpful, I’d love to know what you think.

    Love, Lottie

    Into The Eco


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