Fall Capsule 2018

Summer may be coming at its end, but I’m actually happy about this since I’ve been looking forward to my autumn wardrobe so much. This past summer was a quite unique one, since we’ve had the longest heatwave in Belgium. Very fun, although this hot weather wasn’t the easiest to dress for work and I had to throw my original Summer Capsule overboard to stack in on some hot-weather-dresses. You may now I haven’t always been the dress-kind-of-girl, so this has definitely been a game changer to me. Not only did I experiment with some new silhouettes, the heatwave also forced me to consider other colors than black. To beat the heat I added some more earthy tones to my wardrobe – something I’m still loving so much, I wanted to take it into my fall capsule as well.

Before you dig into this post I want to post a disclaimer on the items I’m sharing in my fall capsule. A lot of the items aren’t from ethical/sustainable brands because 1) I already had them in my closet, 2) the slow fashion brands didn’t really offer what I was looking for and 3) the slow fashion brands who did offer what I wanted, didn’t ship to Belgium  or required serious taxes. I consider buying at NisoloEverlaneSt. AgniCuyana and Christy Dawn). The items that are featured are meant to be worn on repeat, so they are at least sustainable in that way.

Now, let’s dig in shall we!

Fall Inspiration

Bron: Pinterest

To start, I prep my capsule wardrobe by browsing insanely through Pinterest, searching for images that give the vibe I want to achieve. For this season, it’s mainly the good old basics combined with some warmer colors like deep brown, warm beige and a bit of a warmer toned white. A color combination I’ve been fan of for a long time is brown paired with white. There is just this natural contrast between these two, giving such a classic vibe. So a brown leather jacket and a camel coat were essential to this capsule. Next to that I’m also really drawn to wool knits, because wool is a natural fibre it’s also more sustainable than all the polyester clothing being sold. And not only does wool keep you warm, it doesn’t stain easily so it can last you a long time if you care for it.


As always, I’ll be adding some autumn items to my all year basic wardrobe, to combine this into a more suited for the season wardrobe. My all year basics have had a little update over these past few months, but the items remain quite the same. For instance, I just switched two of my denim pants with other ones I still had and that suited the warmer tones some more. And my black heels have run out, but I haven’t found the perfect replacement yet, so for now I’m planning to wear my tan heels instead.


A great camel coat has definitely been on my wishlist for a long time and I when I saw this one in the &Other Stories store, I immediately fell in love. Not only did I fall in love with the coat, the knitwear is also amazing over there, so I ordered a grey wool cardigan, a grey knit and a brown knit. This last one has been a real compliment-receiver! So it’s safe to say we have a winner over here already. Two colored items I added from the past couple of years are my brown leather jacket and my wool scarf from Acne Studios. Of course my Chanel Boy bag couldn’t be left out of this one, and will probably become part of my all year capsule, just as my studded boots and white sneakers will be.

Outfits on repeat

A formula that really worked for me this year, is having a 10 outfits on repeat for workdays, and letting myself be creative on my days off. This way I get easily dressed in the morning, always know what to wear and get the wear out of my items. During the weekends I can get a bit more creative, mixing and matching my items into new outfits. Since I get so easily bored, not only with my wardrobe, this is a great system for me. In the past I have tried the 10×10 challenge and Project 333 but weren’t that successful since I never felt I had enough items.

How does this formula work and why is it so effective for me? Well, since I combine every top at least in two different outfits, I really get the wear out of these items without feeling like I’m wearing the same outfit too much. Also, I really like wearing outfits on repeat, it feels as if I have to break the outfit in and start feeling more and more comfortable every time I wear it. And if you’re scared people will see you twice in the same outfit, that’s okay! Wearing outfits on repeat really shows we don’t have to buy as much as we think. We can do with less and combining one item in different outfits shows creativity as well. It’s very rewarding to make your clothing your workhorses and get the wear out of them. That’s what they are made for.


In this first workweek I added two outfits for rainy days and two outfits that are a bit more transitional. As I said, I don’t want black to be my main color this season, so I chose to use black as an accent by adding black bags and shoes.

Outfit 1: In contrast of what I just said before, but I do need an all black outfit from time to time and this one is so elegant with the long black coat.
black button down // black skinny jeans // black coat // studded boots // Chanel bag

Outfit 2: A bit more casual vibes with the blue denim and leather jacket.
brown leather jacket // white button down // skinny jeans // loafers // Proenza Shouler bag

Outfit 3: Love this one for when it gets a bit colder because you can layer up the pieces. The striped top is made of cotton and the cardigan is a wool blend, which is really great to keep you warm and cozy.
grey cardigan // striped top // black skinny jeans // studded boots // Chanel bag

Outfit 4: A simple brown knit combined with denim to enhance those autumn vibes.
brown knit // skinny jeans // loafers // Proenza Shouler bag

Outfit 5: A lighter outfit to break the pattern, with my favorite neutrals combined.
camel coat // grey knit // white skinny // loafers // Gucci bag


This second workweek has outfits that are more suitable for rainy days and are easy to layer up in case I need to. For instance, I could wear a raincoat over my brown leather jacket to protect it, or wear my camel coat on the last outfit.

Outfit 1: A black button down on a skinny denim is such a classic combination. I feel that the camel coat and loafers just give that something extra.
black button down // skinny jeans // camel coat //  loafers // Chanel bag

Outfit 2: One of my favorites from this capsule – honestly, having this one on repeat for a while now. I just love the simplicity of this color combination.
brown knit // white skinny // loafers

Outfit 3: This is such a timeless combination.
white button down // black skinny jeans // camel coat // chelsea boots // Proenza Shouler bag

Outfit 4: Like I said, I love brown paired with white, but it just gives this extra dimension when you pair it with a white striped top.
striped top // studded boots // skinny jeans // Proenza Shouler bag // brown leather jacket

Outfit 5: Also a simple, but elegant look. I also love how these studded boots give a more edgier vibe to whole outfit. Especially combined with wool it gives this great contrast.
grey knit //  black skinny jeans //  studded boots // Chanel bag




To be honest, I probably won’t wear my Chanel bag to go to work, but there is another bag on my wishlist for this upcoming season. Since I don’t own a tote bag, I feel this kind of bag will be a great addition to my wardrobe. The bags I own are amazing, but aren’t always the most practical to go to work since they are rather small. No doubt a tote bag is a wardrobe staple, so I’m eying two tote bags at the moment. Just have to decide which one it’s going to be. Next to a bag, there are two more items on my wishlist, but I probably won’t be adding these this season. A pair of leopard flats have been on my mind since the beginning of the year, but I haven’t found a pair I absolutely love and find comfortable to wear everyday, I’ll probably go on the hunt for them next spring. And last, a white turtleneck sweater is also something I want to invest in, but I’ll probably schedule that purchase for my winter capsule.

Do you guys have outfits on repeat to go to work?



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