Chanel Boy Bag First Impressions

Some girls dream about their wedding day, others dream of becoming a veterinarian. I always dreamt having a lot of Chanel bag. Yep, that’s me.  A part of me wishes I could be more elegant and relaxed on writing about this baby, like it’s no big deal and it’s just some bag that I could by every week. But that’s not the truth and I want to remain honest here. I did have to save up to be able to buy this bag and it’s definitely not something I can do every month without a care. I’ve been doubting on wether or not to write about this bag, but since it’s been such a help for me to read reviews, I couldn’t keep this from you guys.

Chanel bags have been on my wishlist for as long as I can remember. Mostly I desired the Classic Flap bag – which is still on my purchasing list for next year – but ever since the Boy bag came out in 2012 I’ve been drawn to this one. The boxy design and edginess is really something that spoke to me. Still, the decision was so hard between these two types of bags. Especially when you are buying your first Chanel bag. When I pictured buying a Chanel Boy bag I had a very specific combination in mind that isn’t that common in their collection – so when they had this exact combination in store the day I went to buy, the choice was clear.

Now, let’s get into detail.


About the bag

As the title of this post states, this is the Chanel Boy bag but a serious bag lover will know that there is much more to tell about the bag than just its name. Chanel has so many styles and finishes which makes finding the exact same one very hard. So let’s get a little into detail on this one.

In high school I may have sucked big time at history, but when it comes to my Chanel I love to take a look at the brands origin and the creative vision after these designs. Gabrielle Chanel was obviously a fashion designer and not in first place a bag designer, so this Boy bag hasn’t exactly came from her hand, but did came from mister Karl Lagerfeld, who has become a legend himself. From what I found about this bag, it was designed as a tribute to Coco Chanel and the love of her life, Boy Capel who was of great inspiration to her. Chanel wrote history when it comes to women’s fashion because the masculine influence reshaped a lot of the then-known silhouettes, creating a solid base for fashion as we know it.

The Boy bag was designed after a cartridge bag, made for hunting and this boxy shape makes it a bit edgier than the classic styles. Yet, it’s still timeless chic and ever since its release in 2011 (spring 2012) it has grown in popularity. It’s safe to say that this is now considered as one of the most popular styles – maybe you can even call it a classic. I definitely don’t ever see it going out of style.


Quality and material

Most Chanel bags come in different sizes and finishes. This particular one is the Boy Bag in Old Medium and has the Chevron flap instead of the quilted flap. One thing was certain, if I were to buy a Boy bag it had to be a Chevron flap. The quilted version I like as well, but I don’t really love it. Plus, the quilted style is much better for the Classic Flap – and yes, I am planning on buying that bag as well.

The hardware is the Brushed Gold hardware which has a more antique look to it. The ruthenium hardware was also a finish I really love, but they didn’t have that one in store at the time.



First Impressions

This bag is really well made and you can see the effort that’s been put into the design and crafting. The detailing and high quality materials used in this bag really stand out. You can see, feel and smell – I love the leather smell – that this is a luxury bag, even if you wouldn’t know the Chanel logo.

The leather is really soft, supple and, as I said, of such a high quality. And the way this bag is put together shows such skilled workers and hours put into making this bag. But not only the leather is amazing, the hardware feels really sturdy and you can see this won’t get worn out easily.

My first impression of this bag was just how I imagined it would be. Holding this bag exactly felt on how I thought I would feel and the whole customer experience was just great for me.


Is it worth it?

So the question that is out there a lot, is if it’s really worth it. Well this is a difficult one. If you truly – rationally – consider the price, no it’s not worth it. Not one luxury bag is worth it if you really, rationally consider it. For this particular bag we are still talking about calfskin leather and it’s not like it’s magic leather or something. This bag will also show marks of use after a while and I can’t say that the quality of the materials is higher than my Gucci or Proenza for example. You definitely pay more for the ‘status’ of this bag… but is that worth it?

I wouldn’t be much of a fan if I didn’t say yes. So yes, it is worth it to me! No doubt about it. I wouldn’t think twice about buying a another Chanel bag. Just everything about this bag is special to me and every time I look at it, hold it and wear it I feel great. It’s like my partner in crime.

Pro’s and cons

  • Chanel bags have increased in price A LOT these past couple of years, so if they follow the trend they’ve been on, it’s quite a good investment piece.
  • It is one of the most wanted luxury bags in the world and yes, a lot of people do see this when you walk in the door.
  • Since this is such an expensive bag, it isn’t for everyone, which makes it a more exclusive piece.
  • This bag is timeless and just amazing in design.
  • Buying at Chanel is such fun and a great experience. Even though it was kind of nerve-wrecking as well.
  • As with a certain amount of admiration by others, there also comes a serious amount of envy, whispers and rumors.
  • It’s a really expensive bag.
  • The leather isn’t magic, so it will show signs of wear and tear over the years.
  • The Boy bag style isn’t always the easiest to style in an outfit, where the Classic Flap is more versatile, but also more ‘classic’ and to some considered old fashioned.


A bag with such a high price tag isn’t for everyone and that’s okay. You shouldn’t force yourself into buying this and you certainly don’t have to feel less if you can’t afford a bag like this. There are so many great bags out there and a great bag in similar style is this one from Rebecca Minkoff (also found here).

I bought my bag at the store in Amsterdam, P.C. Hooftstraat and was helped by such a great S.A. The costumer experience was great at this store and would definitely go back there for the next one. However, a visit to the Rue Cambon store is also on my bucket list for next year…

Do you guys have a certain dream bag? 



12 thoughts on “Chanel Boy Bag First Impressions

  1. Wow! This bag is just beautiful ❤ Since I was 15, I was obsessed with Balenciaga bags (Blame it on the Olsens). This year, I finally bought my dream bag from Balenciaga after 10 years. Still extremely happy with it! Would love to have a Chanel bag in the future xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! It’s a dangerous thing, but I really enjoy my bags! Hope you make the decision soon 🙂 But there are SO MANY great bags that aren’t Chanel and are on a lower price point. Because I have to be honest, I’m mostly a bit concerned every time I wear my Chanel just because I want to keep it clean and scratch free.


      1. I totally understand that a person could get quite ‘protective’ with a bag that cost as much as mortgage payment! 😊 That probably explains why I’m finding myself leaning towards one that is previously owned or as you suggest, a bag at a lower price point such as Furla. Stay tuned for my next post!😉


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