The year I discovered my love for dresses & skirts

Can someone please tell me where my latest obsession with dresses and skirts came from? Really, I’ve never been a dress-kind-of-girl ever before in my life and this year I just can’t get enough. It all started with this wrap dress I bought from & Other Stories back in june. It just happened to be a great fit and I completely fell in love with this LBD and this brand. Ever since I’ve been browsing their website weekly and it’s almost like every piece on there is a match made in heaven, especially their dresses. And – who would have guessed – their skirts are a winner as well!

This particular skirt has become one of the greatest love stories. I saw this particular beauty on the website as it released – I always check out their newsletter in my e-mail – and I don’t know why, but I decided not to buy at that moment?! Maybe because I’ve never been a skirt-kind-of-girl as well, I thought it wouldn’t add much value to my wardrobe. Boy, have I been disappointed on this decision! Suddenly I saw this skirt everywhere and really felt I missed out when it was out of stock in like, two days. And then – angels singing – they RESTOCKED this skirt and I just had to buy it – even though it’s a polyester skirt *auwch*.

It was just love at first sight I guess.

I guess now it’s safe to say that I actually am into skirts and dresses, but I found out I mostly love the longer length ones. The midi pieces are the ones I tend to wear most, where mini- and maxi dresses tend to give me a more girly vibe, and that’s what I don’t like about it. I love to have a more masculine touch in my outfits – or at least more of an edgy touch – and feminine pieces just bore me so easily. I will love wearing a girly flower dress for a couple of times, but after that it just doesn’t do it anymore. No offense to anyone who loves girly dresses, I love them on others as well, it’s just not for me I guess.

So I may have gone a little overboard with all the dresses and skirts this year…  Yet I’m really glad I learned this about my style. It has always been a part of me that I couldn’t quite understand, one day I would love a dress, the next I would hate ever wearing it. Now I think I found the perfect balance. I feel like I finally understand which skirts and dresses suit my body type and my personal style.

And isn’t this skirt just amazing? 

Zara ‘Join Life’ basic t-shirt 
(more sustainable option here)

&Other Stories skirt (SOLD OUT)
(original one here)
Black blazer Esprit (old)
(more sustainable option here)
Black boots (old)
Watch Cluse
Proenza Schouler PS11 Classic





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