What I wore in Dubrovnik flying with a carry-on

I can’t believe it’s already been 2 weeks since we got back from our Dubrovnik trip. Last week I published a very long blogpost on what we did during our stay and today I want to give you guys a better look in what I wore on this amazing trip! Let’s dig in shall we.

Since we flew on hand luggage only, I had to fit everything in my Suitsuit carry-on. This was quite a challenge because I had never packed for a week away in just a carry-on suitcase. Note, I am definitely not a packing specialist and every trip I end up having packed too little for the weather on our destination and too much just in case pieces, which was no exception this time.


What did I pack?

To be clear, I’m only talking about the clothes I brought. This filled up half of my carry-on, in the other half I packed the neccesities like make-up, toiletries, underwear, my headphones, …. So I had to think every outfit through and make sure I would be able to wear it. I ended up with these items of clothing:

– Midi-lenght wrap dress
– Little black wrap dress
– White linen playsuit

– White denim
– Blue denim

Tops & sweaters
– White t-shirt
– White linen button-down
– Black long sleeved top
– Brown heavy knit

– Brown leather jacket

Shoes & bags
– White sneakers
– Brown slippers
– Tan slip ons
– Gucci Dionysus bag
– Longchamp bag


There have been a few items I ended up not wearing. Since the weather was warmer than we expected (around 30°C), all the heavy stuff was unnecessary. I only wore my white denim to for the plane trips, combined with the heavy knit and white t-shirt. But my blue denim didn’t come out once, as did my linen button down, my black long-sleeved shirt and my leather jacket. So those four items could’ve stayed at home. I did have to buy two new pieces more suited for the weather over there at H&M. I actually enjoyed shopping there since it was at 8 p.m. and there was almost nobody in store and they just had such a clean store over there. Really liked the experience and I did end up buying this beautiful long sleeved dress that I’ve been wearing on repeat ever since and this little polkadot dress. Not sure if it’s going to be a winner over the years, but I liked the colors blending in with the Dubrovnik Old Town colors.



Oh, I did buy a hat as well since it was so hot over there!

This white linen playsuit was something I bought earlier this year, before I made the switch to a more sustainable approach, at Mango. This piece was such a great buy, since I’ve worn it to death during summer and I was so happy to get a little more wear out of it in Dubrovnik. I wore it to go island hopping and exploring Old Town. To be honest, it isn’t the easiest task to go pie when you have this on. Especially in combination with a one-piece swimsuit…

I wore this playsuit mostly with these brown slippers from Zara and my white Veja sneakers to have a little more comfort. And I love how this piece pairs with my Gucci bag. The colors just blend in together so nicely, such a winner! Even though these are almost all fast fashion pieces, I did consider them quite sustainable because I wore these pieces to shreds during summer. It doesn’t justify the ethical part, but it does make them worth the buy if they were well thought of.


This earthy toned wrap dress I got from &Other Stories has also been such a winner this summer. The light weight fabric and color make it so easy to wear and style on those hot days, it was perfect for this trip! And even though fall is making its entrance these days, I’m looking into styling this dress for those more autumnal days as well, pairing it with a heavy knit and boots. On our trip I wore this dress the most, I think 3 days – don’t shoot me – to go on a road trip and for dinners. Only downside is because it’s a wrap dress, the wind gets into it quite easily, leaving you in your undies for everyone to see… especially when climbing steep staircases on the wall of Ston.


Another winner from &Other Stories is this black wrap dress. This has also been on repeat during these summer months and it’s a style that never gets outdated, so I see this one lasting for years to come. You can easily pair this one with sneakers when on a trip, with slippers or to make it a bit more professional, with day heels. It’s such a versatile piece to have!


So, those were the main pieces I wore on this trip to Dubrovnik, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Montenegro. If you want to check out everything I were exactly, you can head over to my Instagram account and check my story-highlights.

What would you pack for a week away to Dubrovnik?




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