September Outfits

Brace yourselves… a very long blogpost is following! One of my followers suggested to do a round up on the blog of my looks, which I publish daily on my Insta stories. This sounded like a great idea and has been something that crossed my mind as well, but how do I implement this into my blog? Well… it’s hard. So this post is sort of an experiment and any suggestions are very welcome to make this a great monthly theme!

The plan is to show an overview of all the outfits I wore during the past month and give a little more info on how pleased I am with them. My focus is to build a more sustainable wardrobe and slow fashion down by minimizing my wardrobe.

September Count

Let’s start with complete transparancy here… At this moment, my wardrobe exists out of 285 (!!!) items of clothing, including accessories like handbags and scarves. I don’t want to stick a number to how many items I want to own, but I do want to get the wear out of the items I already have and make more sustainable fashion purchases in the future. In this section I will let you guys in with how many times I’ve worn a certain item the past month and the amount of different items I wore.

Items worn: 62

Amount of times worn:



September’s most worn:

  1. Alohas flat sandals
  2. Everlane tote bag
  3. Leather jacket
  4. Gucci Dionysus bag
  5. Black scarf
  6. Brown slippers
  7. Black skinny jeans
  8. Leopard dress
  9. White sneakers
  10. Proenza Schouler bag


I don’t really know how to fill in this section, but for this one we’ll take a look week by week. Again, any suggestions are much appreciated! The numbers won’t exactly match the looks you’ll see. As life is sometimes unpredictable and you have to change shoes during the day to make it work – in times like these, my Alohas sandals were my hero.

Week 36
Let’s start with a day before, September 1st. On Saturdays we usually shoot an outfit post and this day we shot this Camel Coat post. We also went on a trip to Dubrovnik the first week of September on which I wrote a whole post about everything I wore during this trip (you can it find here). My travel outfit didn’t make it to the post so this one I can share!

Processed with VSCO with a4 preset

Week 37
When we returned the weather was still quite warm here in Belgium so that made it possible to get some more wear out of my transitional pieces. Leopard has been the winner this week! Both my leopard dress and my leopard skirt got worn twice. One of the outfits I loved most was the brown skirt with knee-high boots, but these boots are just the worst to wear. They fall down with every step you take – talking about boots aren’t made for walking…  My favorite outfit this week was the leopard skirt in combination with my white sneakers.


Week 38
Getting into the more transitional period of fall… I tried to get more wear out of my favorite summer dress by pairing it with a grey knit, but it didn’t turn out to be a winner. My Everlane tote bag on the other hand sure made an entrance and isn’t planning to get out of sight any time soon. You can see I wore my favorite outfit from last week again. I feel like this week all of them were winners except the one were I try to restyle my summer wrap dress. So many bloggers are posting on how to get more wear out of their summer pieces, but this just isn’t working for me.


Week 39
Needless to say may leather jacket was the winner of this week? The weather is now the perfect temperature to wear my leather jackets. Also, black is taking back its throne slowly. On the beginning of summer I made a deal with myself to wear less black and try and focus on more creative combinations, involving more color and neutrals. It worked and I’m glad I did this, but now I am sooooo happy to get back to wearing black. This will always be my true color.




Overall I found that I wore too many different items. 62 different pieces of clothing is a lot to wear in a month and I feel this made my style a little bit all over the place. It’s a habit of mine to fall in love with an outfit, can’t wait to wear it on repeat but then find another one I love more and wear that one instead. There were a few outfits I wore on repeat and some were slightly different variations on a previous outfit, but still, doing this involves adding too many different pieces.

Also, I really want to get the wear out of my seasonal items. This means I have to wear them more than once during these autumnal months to get there. It’s no lie that black is getting its main position back in my wardrobe and I love it. Yet, there are a lot of brown colored pieces that are perfect for this time of the year that aren’t used as frequently as I want to. Still need to investigate how it gets to this…

Next months’ mission

For next month I will work on reducing the pieces I only wore once. My main goal is to simplify my wardrobe and simplify my life, so wearing less items more frequently is the way to do that. I also want to get back on track with wearing outfits on repeat like I did during the first months of summer. I set up a fall capsule with the intention to make this happen, but it turns out I’m failing at AGAIN. Also something I need to explore within myself how this happens over and over again. I have so much to learn in simplifying and embracing my own style, but I’m enjoying to road more every day.

I couldn’t link ALL the items I wore this month, but if you have any questions, just ask! How would you describe your September style? 


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