Dear Frances Spirit Boots Review

Ah black boots… one of my main weaknesses. It will come to no surprise that I just love them and my main shoe-investments are all the same type: a low black boot in leather. Last year I invested in two icons in the shoe-world, the Acne Jensen boot and the Acne Pistol boot. Both have been serious work horses in my wardrobe and I still love them as much – or maybe even more – as I did when I first laid eyes on them. And now I have fallen in love again with the Dear Frances Spirit boots.

The first time I laid eyes on them was on Lizzy’s blog, Shot From The Street. She has a couple of pairs and she just looks amazing wearing these boots. I love the croc version of these boots, but when making such an investment purchase, I tend to play it safe and go for the most neutral choice, black leather. But I can’t say I’m not looking at the others as well… who knows what will end up in my shopping basket.

Since I’m so in love with these babies and they are very wanted – they sell out so quickly – I wanted to give you guys a little review. Disclaimer: I’ve had these boots for over a week and have worn them 5 times I guess, so I can’t tell yet on how they will wear over time.


About the boot

So these boots are called the Spirit Boot and they are from the brand, Dear Frances. I can’t say if Dear Frances is considered a sustainable brand, but they do describe themselves as a brand offering luxury goods that are made with real craftsmanship and are ethically produced. They also mention they want to slow the fashion cycle down and that surely is a good thing! I do find that all of their designs are rather timeless and classic. Even though these boots have been very hyped, they will stand the test of time and I can see myself wearing them for years.

The Spirit boots are an elegant, slim ankle boot that sits a little higher above the ankle. They have a block heel of 8,5 cm which is very comfortable as a day heel. These boots are hand stitched and are made of nappa leather. Nappa leather is considered as a very durable leather that is mostly made of sheepskin. First of all I want to give a shout out to the people who make these boots, they are amazingly well stitched and you can see these boots are made with a lot of love!

These boots are completely made of leather and also have a leather sole. If you aren’t fond of leather soles – they can be slippery and will wear out – you can resole them at the cobblers. I choose not to do this, to see how well they wear. The detailing on these boots is also really great. They have a zipper on the inside that is gold-colored and the thingy to pull the zipper up has white detailing, which I feel is such a great extra. The block heel gets a bit out of the shoe at the back, giving it a very unique design.


First impressions

It is no lie that I fell in love with them the moment I laid eyes on these boots. They are just so soft, supple and so well-made, it’s impossible not to appreciate this piece of art. The only thing I was a bit skeptical on, were the leather soles. I know leather soles can wear out easily, yet a lot luxury brands keep making them like this. Because I’m ever so curious, I did a little research and found out that leather soles would make the shoe more comfortable over time, where rubber soles can feel less great after years of wear. That’s why I decided not to have them resoled and see how they wear out.

Otherwise this is such an amazing boot. I really love the detailing of this minimal and classic design. Just every inch of these boots looks amazing. But most importantly, they also feel amazing when you wear them. They are just like socks you slide on and the block heel makes them great for wearing all day long. Can you tell I’m head over heels?


The shopping experience

I bought my Dear Frances Spirit boots online at their webshop. Actually, I pre-ordered them since they sell out so quickly. When I ordered it said that shipping was foreseen for the end of September, so I had to wait for about three to four weeks. Yet, the order status wasn’t easy to follow up. After I ordered, there was nowhere I could find when they were scheduled to ship and after checking the website, it said that next shipment was mid October – which was probably for the next batch. When I e-mailed Dear Frances they did help me very well and my order came in the last workday of September, so the shipment was really great.

When I opened the box it was so fun! The shoebox was actually inside another shipment box, yet my shoe box was a little damaged at the edges as you can see. I know the company can’t help it and these things happen with only shopping, but it was kind of a bummer. What was also a bit of a disappointment was the dustbag that came with the shoes. I only had one dustbag and it’s way too small for both boots. I don’t know if this is the way they always deliver, but it’s very handy to have two dustbags for travel. Both my Acne boots were delivered with two dustbags to make a comparison.


Are they worth it? 

Well, do I even need to answer this question? Yes, I find them really worth the money. If you would have asked me a couple of years ago if I would ever buy $500 dollar shoes, the answer would’ve been no, but I do find that my luxury shoes are just such wardrobe staples. If you think your purchase through and make sure they fit your style and lifestyle, I do find the investment really worth it. I have worn both my Acne boots for so many times and they still look pristine.

From the first wear these boots felt amazing at my feet. The softness of the leather and the block heel make them very, very comfortable and the detailing is such a plus. These boots aren’t in your face, rather they are a very classic design that you can pair with so many outfits.


Which boots are on your wishlist at the moment?


p.s. I e-mailed Dear Frances for the dustbag and they answered the next working day, which is great! The standard delivery is always with one dustbag and you should fit them in the opposite way. This works, but I still feel they can get easily damaged this way if you take them on long trips in your luggage. This isn’t really a problem for me, since I have enough dustbags, but I do feel getting two is just more handy to travel. 

10 thoughts on “Dear Frances Spirit Boots Review

    1. Hi, the sizing is very good to be honest. I have quite standard feet in size 37 and ordered my usual size. These boots are not too small at the tip, but I can imagine that people with wider feet would find them too narrow.


  1. I have one question about your Spirit Boots which you bought a year ago. Are you still wearing them a lot? Do they still look good and are they comfortable?

    Thank you so much! Need to decide whether to get them..
    Best wishes


    1. Hi, yes! I still love them so much and they look pristine. Haven’t worn them on a daily basis, since I have a lot of shoes, but for me they are worth the price. Also I think they are such a classic design, that you’ll be able to wear them for years to come. Even if they aren’t hyped anymore 🙂 Hopes this helps in the decision making!


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