Introducing: keeping track of my wears-series

In 2011 I was so disgusted by my shopping behavior that I decided to start keeping track of the amount of times I wore my pieces of clothing. Back then absolutely nobody was talking about slow fashion or keeping track of items, so this was something I started completely on myself. Actually, at that moment I didn’t even dare to talk to anyone about this because it kind of felt ridiculous. Who keeps track of what they wear? But I wanted to know, I wanted to learn more about something that took so much of my time and budget.

So I’ve been keeping track of this for about 8 years, with the only exception being the year 2015 where I was completely into capsule wardrobes and wanted to let the wear-count go.

I started keeping track of my clothing at the age of 21, when I was a few months at my first job and started living on my own. This new life gave a lot of financial freedom which I didn’t always manage very well – okay, to be honest, it was a disaster. But my life has changed so much these past years, and now I wanted to take a look at how my shopping behavior changed over the years and what the main lessons are I learned from keeping track.

Because there are so many insights and so many conclusions – 8 years is a long time – I have to write this story in different posts. I’ll be talking about each year separately and I will conclude with my main lessons and advice for you guys at the end. I’m planning on publishing something about these series once a month, so you’ll have to stay tuned to read about what I’ve learned by doing this.

Hope you guys enjoy these new series!


Photo by STIL on Unsplash

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