My new favorite boots

Recently I wrote a review on these amazing boots from Dear Frances. Ever since they came in, I’ve been wearing them on repeat! They just go amazing with everything, skirts, dresses, denim,… but most of all I love them combined with my all time favorites: a black skinny jeans, white tee and black blazer. Talking about a minimalist outfit…

Dear Frances Spirit Boots
Black skinny jeans
White tee
Black blazer
Gucci bag
Chanel sunglasses



6 thoughts on “My new favorite boots

  1. How would you compare this Spirit boots with the Acné Pistols (I decide to buy)? they are more comfortable, the leather is “smoother”? thanks for advice


    1. Hi, I would say that the Spirit boots are definitely more supple and smoother than the Pistol boots. I have both and I reach for my Spirit boots more often because they are more elegant, but if I need a sturdy boot that can get me through all kinds of weather, the Pistol boot is definitely my choice. The Spirit boots are also a bit higher heeled, so some would find them to high for an everyday boot. However I never experienced any pain even after wearing them for a whole day (and night).


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