October Outfits

October this year wasn’t my best month. Most years I really look forward to this month since there are so many great things happening: fall is on its best, my birthday, hubby’s birthday and of course halloween. But this year October wasn’t as great as I hoped it would be… it was filled with loads of setbacks at work which really got to me. These past weeks I mainly felt exhausted and stressed out. This having a serious impact on my creativity in my outfits and blog of course. I hoped to give you guys some amazing content with our trip to Marrakech, but we dealt we some bad weather so I wasn’t able to shoot outfit pictures the way I had in mind. Now, no pitty needed because things always turn around and I have a feeling November and December will be much better months!

October Count

My main goal was to minimize the amount of pieces I only wore once. I succeeded in this, last month there were 27 items I only wore once and this month I reduced it to 16 items, which is great. Again, I’m on a total count of 62 items, the exact same as last month.

Items worn: 62
New items in: 11

Amount of times worn:


Octobers most worn:

  1. Everlane tote bag
  2. Black scarf
  3. Black coat
  4. Studded boots
  5. Dear Frances Spirit boots
  6. Black skinny jeans
  7. Hunter rain boots
  8. Gucci bag
  9. White sneakers
  10. Black turtleneck sweater


Week 40
This was one busy week filled with loads of work at my day job. Luckily the weather was great and I got a lot of wear out of my leopard skirt and Dear Frances Spirit boots (didn’t want to wear them in the rain).


Week 41
This wasn’t my best week at all so I really felt the need to get more cosy by wearing some knitwear. At the end of the week it started to cool down a bit, so I threw on my favorite black coat.


Week 42
The temperatures got up again, rising to sometimes summer heat (22°C) so I had to get out some of my summer pieces like my Alohas sandals. Actually, I kind of think I overdressed for this week.


Week 43
Okay, this week it FINALLY got colder to a max of 15°C and I finally got the wear out of my fall items like my camel coat and ‘new’ Cordings blazer which I found at our local thrift store for only € 7! This week was also my birthday, so I did wear another outfit featuring my new floral blouse with a leather skirt and my Dear Frances boots. Don’t know why I didn’t take a picture of that one… After this week we went our trip to Marrakech where I didn’t get to shoot the outfit pictures I wanted and I didn’t have a large mirror to take outfit selfies. But mainly I wore a black denim, black turtleneck and a black coat.



Overall, I think my style came more together this month, focussing on black again. I’m actually kind of jealous on people/bloggers who really have ‘their style’. I kind of feel like my style is all over the place. One day I’ll be loving a more edgy vibe and the next I want to feel more feminine. I kind of hoped documenting all my outfits would give a better view on my personal style, but until now I still feel the same about it. I do feel I’m shifting towards a more feminine style overall, wearing more skirts and dresses than I ever did.  I’m really happy I got so much wear out of my leopard skirt. This certainly is a trend piece, so I’m planning on getting the most of it for the weeks to come.

Next months’ mission

Again I want to focus on getting those one-wear-pieces down and I want to find a way to wear more blue denim. I really love my black denim, but I sometimes feel it’s always the same and is getting a bit boring and safe. So experimenting with all the jeans I already have, is my main mission for the coming month.



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