What I wore in Marrakech flying with a carry-on

“Travel light and swift” 

My hubby’s main mantra when it comes to traveling, so that’s exactly what we tend to do anytime we go on a trip. You’ll rarely see me heavily packed at the airport. Not only am I unable to lift my heavy suitcases – seriously need to start working out – but I also don’t like heaving to carry a lot or wait for my suitcases at the airport. So whenever we’re going on a short trip (max. 7 days) we fly on hand-luggage only. And for those who fear packing light, most of the time I end up with loads of stuff unworn.

Let’s take a look at what I decided to take for this short trip (4 days) to Marrakech.

What did I pack?

Essential before you start to pack is checking the weather forecast. I know, it isn’t always right, but it can give you a good indication about how the climate is going to be. For this trip I knew it wasn’t going to be the best weather, so I came prepared and packed some rain-proof essentials.

Yet, being a secret eternal optimist, I did pack some summery-ish items in case the weather would be amazing. The items marked with * are those that were left unworn, mostly because of the cold weather.

Floral maxi dress*
Black maxi dress*

Black denim
Blue denim

Tops & sweaters
– Striped sweater
Black turtleneck
– Burgundy turtleneck
Black t-shirt
White t-shirt*
– Gold sequin top*

Black dressed coat

Shoes & bags
Black studded boots
Black Alohas babouches
Black Converse sneakers
Brown slippers*
Gucci Dionysus bag
Fjallraven backpack


Feel like I’m falling into repeat, but since we didn’t have the best weather, I ended up wearing the same outfits/items over and over again. Consisting mainly of my black denim, black coat and boots. Packing my black babouches in my backpack to switch during the day.



Even though I packed two dresses for the trip, I did get seduced to buying a new dress while we were there. This particular leopard dress already caught my eye back at home and when I saw it again in Marrakech, I had to take one home. The love was so great, I decided to wear this dress immediately when we had a warmer day.


What would you guys pack for a short trip?












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