Sézane Farrow bag Review

There is no way that by now you haven’t heard from Sézane. This Parisian brand is taking over our Instagram feed being seen on bloggers such as Sincerely Jules. Bit by bit I fell for their classic style and capsule collections and decided to order not one, but two bags from their webshop. So I present you the first of two… the Sézane Farrow bucket bag!


About the bag

This particular style is called the Farrow Bag and is at this moment available in three different colors. Sézane does love to bring in new styles from time to time, so there is no saying if this one will stay in the collection. Back to the bag, I decided to get this one in the Smooth Heritage leather in Camel because I kind of lacked a great camel bag in my wardrobe. Before I found this one at Sézane, I was actually eyeing another bucket bag from Mansur Gavriel, but this last one is at a much higher price rate and so the decision was easily made on which one to order.

Quality and material

The leather used for this bag is called smooth heritage leather. On the Sézane website they will tell you that this leather is made from vegetable tanned cowhide leather. It’s the kind of leather that will age beautifully over time and will develop a unique character. What’s great about this kind of leather, is that you don’t need to baby it. It actually is very durable and small marks of use will only give this bag a unique and more beautiful vibe.

And that’s exactly why I decided to order this bag. You don’t have to worry walking in the rain – however, I’ll still protect any of my bags from heavy rainfall – and you don’t have to watch it every step of the way. It just is a great bag made to be used daily. And that’s when this bag will get its most natural appearance. The leather will get more supple the more you use it.

When it comes to detailing, I find this bag to be amazing! The stitching is done so properly and the strap can take a lot. It’s attached very well with leather that folds over and hooks around a little pin. You can also adjust the strap if you want to. The bag closes with a leather strap that goes all through the bag. In the beginning it was kind of hard to close it, because the leather was still stiff, but I find that after a week of use this goes so much better.

Logo-wise this is a very minimal bag, with only the ‘Sézane’ label printed at the bottom in gold letters. Very chic and understated. At the inside you’ll also find a bigger label with the brands name in leather. Inside there is a black cotton lining with two pockets, one with a zipper and one without were you can easily put your keys or phone.



First impressions

Let’s start with the leather. It may be very stiff at the beginning, but you immediately feel the quality of leather used, and the smell of it… Oh how I love the smell of new leather bags! There is nothing bad to say about how this bag is made and the materials used. It’s just such a great piece.

Size-wise I find this bag to be a perfect size for a bucket bag. I’m quite thin but rather tall, so it’s very important to me that a bag isn’t the biggest, but that’s how you prefer. So to me this is one of my biggest bags and it falls perfectly! The fact that you can adjust the strap is also very handy for when you want the bag to fall even lower or wear it as a crossbody style.

Most of the time I wear this bag just draped over my shoulder, but when I want it to sit more secure, it’s no problem to wear it as a crossbody and it still looks fine. Because you know, some bags just look weird being worn crossbody, especially bucket bags.


Is it worth it?

From the moment I opened the box and smelled the leather I fell desperately in love. I felt a connection and could see this bag as a lifetime companion. Just as Sézane describes this bag, it will become a witness of life.

So YES, I could not be more happy with this bag! The fact that it’s just so easy to wear, to style and to maintain makes this one of my top bags. Not only does this bag go well with almost everything I own, I kind of feel it resembles my personality without being a very mainstream bag. Okay, Sézane is surely hyped these days, but this particular bag you won’t see everywhere and isn’t being counterfeited either – very important.

This bag just breathes the Parisian style and just feels like a perfect match.

Can you tell I’m in love?

You can buy the Sézane Farrow bag here and I have the one in the camel color.

What do you guys think about the Sézane bags? 

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