My party outfit under € 175

Finding a sustainable party outfit that doesn’t break the bank isn’t the easiest. So I decided to share my take on a sustainable party outfit, featuring all fast fashion brands to be honest. All these items probably aren’t sustainably made, but the fact that you can wear them over and over during the year makes them quite sustainable in my opinion.

I’ve chosen a classic black and white suit, because nothing speaks elegance as much as this combo. This isn’t a matching suit, but rather items that I’ve had in my wardrobe for years. For instance, these black chino’s I bought back in 2012 on sale at Mexx. They were just the perfect fit and I’ve worn them over 80 times these past years and they still look amazing! They are made out of viscose and polyester, but if you treat your clothes gently, you will get so much wear out of these man-made fabrics. As I said, the blazer isn’t part of a two-piece. I found this one at our local thrift store for € 7. It’s from Zara and I don’t know how old it is or how much it’s been worn, but it still looks amazing. I would consider changing the buttons to more gold-toned ones, but haven’t gotten around to it.

The white button-down is one of my wardrobe staples from H&M. I’ve been buying these blouses over and over again in so many colors and I feel they are the best on the market for the price. Yes, they are made entirely out of polyester, but again if you treat this one right you’ll get so much wear out of it. This particular one has been worn over 50 times these past two years and still looks as new. And the fit of these blouses is just amazing, feeling very light to wear.

For accessories I went for my favorite bag, my Chanel Boy bag – which you won’t find for under € 175, but I’ve linked two more affordable options that give the same vibe. When going for such a classic combo for a party, it’s important to spice it up with accessories. I’m thinking of a statement bag or statement jewelry. The heavy gold hardware on my Chanel is perfect for giving those festive vibes. I’ve also chosen a black and gold belt to break the outfit and give some subtle detailing in your silhouette.

White blouse
Black blazer (thrifted)
Black chino’s (old from Mexx)
Black pumps (old from Aldo)
Belt (old)
Chanel bag
More affordable alternatives here and here





What are you guys wearing this party-season? 


* drink responsibly

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