Favorite looks of 2018

As we say goodbye to the end of the year, I like to look back at some of my favorite outfits. I may not have posted a lot of outfits, but I do feel all the outfits that came to the blog were actually ones I wore over and over again and fell completely in love with. It has definitely been a great year fashion-wise, gaining some amazing pieces such as my Chanel Boy bag and great wardrobe staples like a camel coat, black ankle boots and loads of dresses.

Let’s take a look back shall we? I wanted to rank these outfits, but then found it was just impossible to choose which ones are more favorite than others. So here’s just an overview of ten equally favorite outfits from 2018.

The leopard skirt

This leopard skirt definitely is one to remember! This outfit is one of my absolute favorites, but I do think I’ll be able to style this skirt even better during summer months. I kept this outfit on repeat during September/October, but for now I feel it’s a bit too cold to style it. So for now this one earned it’s rest in my wardrobe.


The white linen playsuit

Aaaah one of my absolute favorites as well this year. I wore this exact same combo SO MANY TIMES during our endless heatwave. Especially on our trip to Dubrovnik this was a lifesaver. And those Zara sandals, how much I’ve worn those… they are completely worn out to be honest so I bought a second pair which are now waiting for it to become summer again.


The wrap dress from &Other Stories

If it wasn’t for &Other Stories, I wouldn’t have discovered my love for dresses this year. They do dresses so amazingly! But this one was my absolute favorite because of its practicality. Not only great for traveling, but also work appropriate. This one was on serious repeat during warmer days.



Another picture from our trip to Dubrovnik, but this little black dress has been such a great investment piece. I can see myself wearing this dress over and over again for years to come.  It’s just so elegant…


The leopard dress

Yes, leopard is everywhere lately so at first I wasn’t planning on buying this one, just because trends fade so quickly, but when I saw it again in Marrakech I couldn’t resist and got it from my hubby as a birthday present. Nowadays I’m mostly wearing them with black boots and stockings underneath to face the cold.


The floral print dress

This may be one of my latest additions, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be in this top 10 since I LOVE IT. This dress is just heaven. The print reminds me of Japanese florals and it falls so elegant.


All White

In 2018 I parted with wearing all black all day. At first I just went for the opposite, all white. Combined with the Gucci print I found this one to be so posh and so me. Going through all these outfits really makes me long for summer again… Guess I do have a favorite season.


Casual dinner date

Not sure if this one actually made it to the blog, but in case it didn’t, you can see it now. The other outfits may be more ‘elegant and put together’ but I loved this one because I just threw it on to go on a dinner date and it features my number one bag… The combination of more budget-friendly denim and a luxury bag really is my favorite for everyday.


Dear Frances Spirit boots

These have been a serious investment piece this year, but they are completely worth it. Never have I been more in love with a heeled boot (okay, still in love with both my Acne boots as well). The combination of classic black and white never fails me and just makes me feel so put together.


The camel coat

Even though I would love to have a more camel-colored coat – if you know what I mean, the more deep brown one – I am very much in love with this particular one from &Other Stories. It’s roomy, wool and just goes with everything.


So, these were 10 of my most favorite outfits from 2018. They have all been outfits I’ve worn on repeat during the all the seasons. I do think my style is evolving towards a more mature and classic style. The additions I made to my wardrobe this year are all ones that fall under timeless and elegant. So curious about what 2019 will bring style-wise…

What are your favorite 2018 outfits? 



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