Sézane Victor Héritage bag Review

Recently I wrote about my Sézane Farrow bag and told you guys not only one, but two bags were coming your way for a review. So the day has come for the second bag reveal, the Sézane Victor Heritage bag.


About the bag

This one is called the Victor Héritage bag, but when you browse the Sézane website you will also find the ‘Victor bag’ and the ‘Quilted Victor bag’. So there are actually at least three variations in this style. All share the same half-moon shape and they all are structured bags with a minimalistic design.

  • Victor bag: the Victor bag comes in a croco-effect leather and depending on the colour, you can find it with a light-gold chain or a leather strap.
  • Victor Héritage bag: this is the most minimalistic design of them all, being just a structured leather bag with the Sézane logo as a simple detail. The bags are made out of the brands well-know heritage leather which is known for it’s ability to age beautifully.
  • Quilted Victor bag: this line comes with the quilted effect, but not in a way you would expect. The quilting is very feminine and simple and gives such beautiful lines. Depending on the colour you can find this bag in undressed leather or smooth calfskin leather, again with the light-gold chain or leather strap.

All three variations are just beautiful to say the least. My personal favorites are the Héritage and the croco-effect, but I did think of the Héritage one to be the most versatile in my wardrobe. But after going back and forth to the website in order to write this post, I’m very much falling in love with the brown croco-effect as well…

Quality and material

With all the different variations there is a lot to say about these bags, but I will only talk about the one I have in order to give a good review, and that’s the Victor Héritage bag. So this one is made of the brands well known héritage leather. What is so special about this leather? Well, it doesn’t need a lot of attention and will age more beautifully the more you use it. I’ve already written a lot about this kind of leather in my previous Sézane review, so definitely check it out over here.

This bag also comes with a black leather strap that is adjustable, however I haven’t adjusted it because I find it to fit perfectly to my body. This bag also closes with a zipper on top, which is great to keep your things secure, but I’m always quite hesitant about zippers on bags since they tend to hurt my hands a lot whenever I’m going in the bag. I have a very thin skin I guess (don’t know how to express this well…) so everything that’s just a bit sharp gives me scratches. Just something to keep in my, however, I do think 99% of the people don’t experience this, so it’s really nothing to worry about if you’re considering buying this bag.


First impressions

Not only did I fell in love with the Sézane Farrow bag, I’m also very much in love with this beauty. I do feel the bag is made with a lot of detailing and care. I am however a bit dubious about this kind of leather in combination with the design, because I don’t know if it will hold up as beautiful as it is now, but only time will tell.

The leather is really smooth and you can’t see a thing on it, but it does scratch over time – not as easily as some of my other bags, but it will show signs of wear. This shouldn’t be anything to worry about, since Sézane claims that their bags will only become better looking over time.

Even though it is a rather small bag, I do find it to be very roomy inside because of this shape. You can fit a lot in the bottom where it’s a bit wider. The only downside is that the top is smaller and so is the zipper-opening, so very large things that would probably fit, don’t go in easily or not at all (I’m thinking of big wallets or notebooks). Since I don’t carry these things, I don’t find it disturbing. This bag fits all of my essentials and even a small umbrella, so that’s great.


Is it worth it?

Well yes! There is no secret in me spending a lot of money on luxury bags, but this one has truly stolen my heart as well and I love it just as much as a lot of my luxury bags. Especially for the price you pay for such a high quality bag. The fact that you don’t have to baby it is really great. Caught by surprise by a rain shower? Nothing to worry about… That’s something I really like about this kind of leather. I’ve already walked in the rain with both my Sézane bags and there isn’t anything that shows they’ve been used.

And this Victor bag is just so easy to wear, it goes with everything I own. The minimalistic design and high quality leather really give it a luxury vibe. Plus the fact you don’t see this bag a lot is a great pro. I’ve only seen one lady wearing this Victor bag and it was back on our trip to Marrakech.

What do you guys think about the Sézane bags?

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