The Neutrals Trend




Who else is loving this neutral-trend-thing? I feel like this one is just right up my alley… You’ve seen me wearing all white before and I’m still not getting sick of it. Especially now, when spring is blooming allover, I love the neutral colors blending in with blossoms and contrasting with the last signs of winter. I feel that’s what this outfit is all about even if I just realize this as I am writing this blogpost. The soft neutral color of the blazer in combination with the harsh black bag, all blending perfectly with white tones and other black details.

These are all very much wardrobe basics that you may have seen here before, for example, the white denim is one of my favorites from H&M. Especially for white denim I tend to go for the more budget-friendly pieces since I’m always so clumsy and spilling on my jeans (something not to do while wearing white ones). They are a soft, creamy white and I feel they match my skin tone perfectly. The sweater is one of my newest additions from Sézane and a piece I am very much in love with. The details on this sweater are just so nice and it just gives such a put together feeling when you wear it.

My blazer is also a fairly new addition since this year, even though I already have a beige colored blazer in a wool version, this one is more lightweight and perfect for the spring and summer season. For detailing I went with my favorite sneakers, with black laces. I felt this just complimented the bag, which I also love btw.

Really one of my favorite outfits for the upcoming months.

Sweater (sold out in white)

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