What I wore during our 3 week stay in the US

Packing for our three week trip to the southwest US was one of the hardest packing lists ever. For starters, I’d never been on a three week trip before and secondly, there were so many different stops on our trip it would be hard to pack lightly. So I got myself a new suitcase (one I can barely lift when it’s full) and decided to go all the way with things I wanted to bring. Not really how I usually pack, but it was just so hard to make decisions on what to bring and what not to bring.

So, I really brought too much clothes with me. That’s for sure. We dealt with some bad unforeseen weather conditions as well, so I had to improvise and adjust – and buy a new sweater and raincoat. A lot of my skirts were left unworn (or one once to go for dinner) and other things came back smelly from all the wear – let’s praise those leggings.

Let’s take a look at what I packed in my suitcase (and please be kind about this never ending list …) . The items with * were left unworn or only worn once for a brief moment.

What did I pack?

Floral maxi dress
– Black maxi dress
– Grey floral maxi dress
– Yellow dress
– 2 White lace dresses
White playsuit*

Black denim
Lightwash denim*
Darkwash denim
Blue denim shorts
Black leggings
Black joggers
– Suede skirt*

Tops & sweaters
– White cardigan
Black blouse
White blouse
– 7 white t-shirts
Black t-shirt
– 2 crewneck sweaters
– White knit*
– Yellow knit*

– Parka
Leather jacket
– Beige blazer*
– Black raincoat
– Lightweight jacket*

Shoes & bags
Black studded boots
Veja sneakers
Golden Goose sneakers
Birkenstock sandals*
Raramuri sandals*
Brown slippers
Black heels*
Gucci Dionysus bag
Fjallraven backpack
Acne Canada scarf

Maybe a ‘little’ section on the things I didn’t wear and why I didn’t wear them… So first, a linen playsuit sounds amazing for hot destinations (and I loved wearing it in Dubrovnik) but for visiting National Parks (where toilets are a stinky whole in the floor) this isn’t the most convenient piece of clothing (since you’d be standing almost completely naked in between hundreds of flies).

Bringing 3 pairs of denim was also a bit too much. I only ended up wearing two pairs frequently, so the third pair could’ve stayed at home. My suede skirt I didn’t end up wearing much since I had more than enough dresses with me and mostly paired my white t-shirts with denim shorts.

Fancy knits weren’t the best choice since it was either really hot or really cold. Also, the yellow knit looks amazing, but I find it hard to style the color. So these two could’ve stayed at home easily… And what was I thinking on bringing a blazer with me on a three week road trip? Hello wrinkles! It did save my life this one evening where we accidentally booked a dinner at a super fancy place…

The weather changed a lot during these three weeks (varying from 5° to 35°) so we did need a lot of outerwear. We’ve had heavy rainfall, hail and snowstorms. So I was glad I brought a lot of different pieces, still I could’ve made it with one less.

I brought three pairs of sandals, but only ended up wearing one pair. My beloved Zara flats that have come with me on all my recent trips and just go with EVERYTHING (seriously thinking about investing in the Saint Laurent ones next year). But I also wanted to bring my birkenstocks for comfort and my Raramuri’s just for the fun of traveling with them. Ended up wearing both of them once… The black heels I brought for one specific reason… we got married in Las Vegas and I wanted my wedding shoes to be these Jimmy Choo’s. I only wore them once because I want them to last and didn’t want to ruin them on heavy walking during our travels (we always walk everywhere if we can).

So this packing experience was a real learning school for my next trips. I love looking good in our pictures, but in the end I love being comfortable the most.


Okay, I won’t be sharing every single outfit I wore on this trip, simply because I didn’t document them all. There were some days were I just wanted to enjoy the scenery without worrying on taking a great outfit picture. So some great outfits just went by without them being photographed. Yet I do have some amazing pictures for you guys!

During the warmer days I loved wearing long and flow dresses to match the scenery. And they were also quite comfortable and protected my legs from the sun. Still, had to put on a lot of sunscreen. Most of the time I wore them with my Golden Goose sneakers or brown slippers and just loved every single combination.







There also were a lot more active days where it was important to be comfortable for short hikes and changing weather conditions… some days we went from HOT to SNOWSTORM in about 15 minutes (thank you Grand Canyon and Giant Forest). So my Lululemon leggings have been one of my favorites during this trip.


And of course denim shorts and pants are lifesavers in the US. You can pair them with just anything and blend in perfectly. Definitely my must bring for this kind of trip.


As I said, it was quite the learning experience. I don’t think I’ll be packing as much as I did for any trip in the future, but I also loved being able to choose what to wear. I did end up buying an extra sweater and rainy coat. That last one I didn’t really need, but came in very handy. The sweater was a good buy since bringing one sweater really wasn’t enough. I’d better switched the nice knits to some more comfortable and versatile sweaters.

What would you guys pack for a 3 week trip? 












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