One year without capsule wardrobes

A year. That’s how long it’s been since my last capsule wardrobe. I don’t know exactly how or why, but I kind of lost focus and just slipped into this chaotic approach. The kind I had before I started with Project 333. Feeling overwhelmed, out of touch with my personal style and shopping excessively.

I think it started November 2018 when I transferred to a different office which was twice the walking distance as the office I worked before. Still not very far, but instead of walking 400m I had to walk about 800. This resulted in me only reaching for comfortable shoes or complaining about how much my feet hurt when I decided to wear a bit of a higher heel or a pump. The fact I wasn’t able to reach for my more elegant shoes, resulted in my not always putting a lot of effort into my outfit. Which left me feeling insecure or slouchy tbh.

Next to the walking distance increasing, I also had to deal with warmer office temperatures. Before I mostly worked alone, so I was able to adjust the temperature as I wanted, but now I had 4 colleagues who of course also had a say in this. And mostly the temp at our office is over 22°C, winter and summer, which is quite hot.

It took me a whole year to find out what kind of clothes and combinations work for me in this new environment.

Another event that influenced my capsule behavior, was the fact that we built a dressing. In November last year I suddenly had a whole room available where I could store all my clothes, so I didn’t have to store most of them to have the space. Everything was there, to be seen. This is still the case, but now I can handle it better I guess…

So I want to get back on track with capsule wardrobing. As I look back on this past year, I really feel so out of touch with my personal style and all the items I already own. I love getting the wear out of my treasured pieces. I love wearing outfits on repeat because I feel more and more comfortable in them. And actually, I don’t really enjoy experimenting with different styles that much. Mostly I feel ridiculous or uncomfortable when I step out of my comfort zone too much.

Since I felt so out of touch with myself, I also lost focus on my blog. Capsule detoxing was the whole point why I started this blog and I wanted to share my experiences. Weirdly enough I didn’t share the experience of derailing.

During this year I never really knew what I missed. I couldn’t pinpoint and say I felt overwhelmed because I stopped capsule wardrobes. To be honest, I didn’t even think of them. It’s kind of like I forgot it existed and that I used to love them. Weird how the mind works sometimes. But since I really took the time to focus on why do I feel so bad and why did I shop so much this year, I started to remember the feeling I had when I did focus on capsule wardrobes.

I felt much lighter and more connected to the things I own.

So for 2020 I want to pick up track again. I don’t want to be too hard on myself and I need to apply my own rules for a successful capsule, but I do want to have a more limited focus. During the workweek I really want to stick to my capsule, maybe adjust it every month by adding some new items, but I want to get a more streamlined look and want to feel good again in this wardrobe which took so long to build.

I do really feel as if I found my personal style and I am content with it, but somehow I do get influenced easily by others and have this curiosity for exploring other styles than my own. When the only thing I need to focus on is me and how I want to look and feel.

So 2020 will be a year where I will develop a new (or re-found) relationship with my wardrobe.


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