I’m not a fashion blogger and never will be

I’m not a fashion blogger and don’t aspire to be. Don’t get me wrong, a couple of years ago I may have had the dream of ever becoming one, but it soon became clear it just isn’t for me. I love the fashion blog scene and have the greatest respect for those making my Instagram feed so visually attractive, yet it never really feels … real.

Even though I love talking about fashion, especially designer bags, and I do love a good outfit and I enjoy well made clothing, it just doesn’t feel like me to be posing to get outfit pictures.

So year after year I keep writing about what I want this blog to be… a fashion blog, a blog about a minimal wardrobe approach, a blog with travel stories, … but it will never be just one thing. Because I’m not just one thing. I love fashion, I love working towards a more sustainable wardrobe and travel just is a big part of my life. So this blog will always be a mess, a place to share all the things I love in life and it will never look picture perfect.

And that’s okay.

This part of my life isn’t about sharing it with a big audience, I’m a rather private person and will remain to be. But I do enjoy sharing the things I love and writing.

So here’s to a new decade.
A decade of realness and imperfection.


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