Louis Vuitton Speedy B25 Bag Review


About the bag

June 2019 I purchased my first Louis Vuitton bag. Vuitton bags have been a constant factor in my life for as long as I can remember. Here in Belgium they are very well known and are worn by a lot of people. I still remember being in high school and my aunt bought her first LV bag and she let me wear it for a limited time… I felt sooooo good wearing this bag and my love for designer handbags was born.

But because a lot of people wear them over here, especially the canvas bags, I wasn’t sure if I should invest in this kind of bag. Louis Vuitton is high on the counterfeit market as well, and I believe you see more replica bags in the streets than the real ones. This mostly is a big deal breaker for me, but since I loved the style and couldn’t get it out of my head, it was better to just go for it.

So, this baby is called the Speedy Bandouliière 25 from Louis Vuitton. This bag is called the speedy because it was originally designed for travellers in the 1930’s as it says on their website. I remember reading somewhere this bag was used as handluggage and this size, the 25cm, was especially designed to fit Audrey Hepburns posture.

This style of bag comes in so many different sizes and colours/prints:

– Nano
– Speedy 25
– Speedy 30
– Speedy 35
– Speedy 40

The Keepall bags are a similar style, but surely are more travel bags / weekendbags. So if you are looking for something bigger, make sure to check this style.

– Damier Ebene Canvas
– Damier Azur Canvas
– Monogram Canvas
– Monogram Empreinte Leather (2 colours atm)

If this isn’t enough for you, you can also choose between the regular Speedy and the Speedy Bandoulière, this last one only has the difference that it has a strap so you can wear the bag crossbody or as a shoulder bag. The regular Speedy doesn’t have this option and also doesn’t have rings to attach a strap. So if you are doubting on wether you want this or not, make sure to decide before you buy the bag because you can’t adjust it afterwards.

There is a slight price difference between the two styles, I would so say the Bandoulière is about € 235 price difference.

The bag I have is the Speedy Bandouliière 25 Damier Ebene Canvas bag.


Quality and material

Unless you choose the leather version (Monogram Empreinte Leather) these are all canvas bags. This means they aren’t completely made out of leather, the printed part is cotton canvas with a pvc-coating. So yes this is a plastic bag, but don’t let that scare you. I’ll come back to the benefits of this later on…

The bag is finished with leather handles and if you choose the bandouliière version, with a leather strap as well. Depending on which kind of canvas-style you choose, you get a different leather finish for the handles. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think the handles on the regular monogram aren’t coated or are more of the raw-leather kind which make them soften faster over time, but also leave them more vulnerable for color transfer.


As I said, this isn’t a leather bag. However, even though this is treated/coated canvas, it does feel very luxurious and leather soft. If you would tell people it’s a leather bag, I do think some would easily believe this. So the feeling isn’t compromised at all. A lot of people who buy these canvas bags from Louis Vuitton don’t even know this isn’t a leather bag, so that says a lot.

I’m not the biggest fan of canvas bags, because I do like leather bags, but my canvas bags are my most used ones. My Gucci Dionysus is also coated canvas and that thing is indestructible. The canvas is a great option for when it’s raining or when you are traveling or doing groceries, …

The canvas doesn’t stain easily and when it’s wet you can dry it and it won’t leave any stains. It’s also very durable in wear and tear. Only downside is that it can lose it’s structure over time.


The speedy is a quite structured bag, but when it got delivered it was packed very flat so if you know the technique, you can easily fit this bag in your suitcase for travel. This is because of the supple texture of the canvas. This also means the bag can lose it’s shape if you don’t care for it or stuff it when it’s stored. I ordered a bag organize at Aliexpress to organize the bag and a bottom ‘plate’ to make sure it keeps it shape at the bottom. This tends to be the first part of the bag to lose shape. You can easily find these things when you search on the speedy bag term.

Handles & strap

As I said the handles and strap are made of leather. For this particular combination this is very sturdy leather. It feels soft, but not buttery soft so it really holds shape and it looks very good as well. The bag has two top handles which fit easily in the crook of your arm, but are best for handheld use.

The strap that comes with the bandouliière is of very good quality. You can adjust the length several times. The strap also comes in two parts and you can leave out the middle part to make it more of a shoulder strap instead of a crossbody strap. You can see this on one of the pictures below.


All Louis Vuitton speedy bags in the canvas prints come with gold colored hardware. This is the only part of the bag I’m not quite pleased about, not the color, but the quality. But more on that later. The opening of the bag closes with a zipper that has two, how do you call it, zipper-handles? These have a little hoop going through them and this is for a little padlock. This padlock comes with the bag because you can use it as a travel bag. I do like this option because we do travel quite often.

At the side of the bag you find two hoops to attach the strap. With the regular speedy these are two leather flaps btw. The strap is also finished with gold colored hardware.


The inside of this bag is one main compartiment with a little zipper-closed pocket inside. So it fits quite a lot, but also isn’t the easiest to get organized. The interior lining is cotton I think and is in this beautiful red color (the color depends on the exterior print you choose).


First impressions – After 6 months of wear

I remember when I first got this bag, the smell of the coated canvas overpowered me. I kind of smelled very plastic. It even made me doubt the authenticity of this bag, but I ordered at the Louis Vuitton website, had secured delivery and all the other aspects of the bag are authentic. But after a couple of wears you don’t notice this anymore.

These past 6 months I’ve worn this bag a lot. I didn’t expect to use it this much, but it’s often the bag I reach for to go to work or do grocery shopping – my two main events in life lol. So I’ve used it quite a lot and it still looks very good. The only aspect I’m really not happy about is the hardware.

After only one week of wearing this bag it started to show discoloration where the straps are attached. Even though I didn’t even wear the bag crossbody or as a shoulder bag. Just the swinging of the strap made sure the hoops were attacked.

I know I should’ve gone back to the store for warranty, but you know how it goes… you don’t find the time to go over to the store and you just leave it. I made my peace with this and for me this bag really is a workhorse to use on a daily basis and not stress about.



Is it worth it?

This is a really though question to answer. Fact is I’m not that satisfied about the quality, plus this is a highly counterfeited bag and is seen on almost anyone, which decreases the value of the bag in many ways. On the other hand, this truly is a very practical bag. You can take it out in the rain, place it on the floor, shove it into the airplane seat in front of you, … and will keep looking great. And the bag does age well, I like the more worn out look as well. Plus, this bag fits sooooo much. It’s such a small size, but there is so much that you can take, even without it getting uncomfortable. So it is really an everyday compagnon. Even though I don’t have the LOVE-factor as much as I have with my other bags, I don’t think I would ever sell it. And considering the price, it really is great value for money (except for those little things on the strapholder).


Pro’s and cons

What I really love about this bag is the fact that you can use it carefree. It really can handle – and hold – a lot!

– Very durable
– Recognizable design
– Timeless
– Can be used as a travel bag
– Fits a lot
– Carefree use
– Bandouliière can be worn in a lot of different ways
– Suited for daily use

– Is counterfeited a lot
– Not a leather bag
– Not the best quality hardware
– Can loose shape easily

You can buy this bag here at the online LV store or in a Louis Vuitton store. I would definitely recommend buying this bag in Europe since the price difference is huge in the US and Asia and I don’t find the quality that good to spend so much money on it.

Do you guys have the Speedy bag or any other LV bags? Are you happy with the quality of the bags? 



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