Saint Laurent Sunset Bag Review

For my 30th birthday last October, my hubby gave me an amazing birthday gift, this beautiful Saint Laurent Sunset bag. I have been lusting over Saint Laurent bags for quite some time and couldn’t wait to own one. From all the styles, the sunset spoke to me most and so hubby listened very carefully and gave me this amazing surprise.

Since I’ve been using this bag so much from the day I got it, I’ve gotten quite some wear out of it and thought it was time to give you guys a review.


About the bag

This bag is called the Sunset Medium in smooth leather and is in the color black. This bag comes in a couple of different sizes and sometimes I find it hard to tell which one is which, because the differences are quite minimal. Next to that the bag comes in different hardware combinations, different colors and a Saint Laurent often brings out seasonal styles of this line. So there are a lot of them…

When we talk about the different sizes we have:

As I said, my hubby gave this to me as a gift, so I didn’t choose the size. But a couple of months before he bought this, we did go into several Saint Laurent stores to try on the different sizes and check out the colors. I loved the burgundy color, but I’ll get back to that later…

The Chain Wallet size was one I didn’t see in store. However, when I see this size on others, I find it a rather large woc and would consider it myself as a minibag. So definitely one to check out if you are into mini bags. The next three sizes are very similar and just have a couple of centimeters difference. The large size is rather big and since it’s such a structured bag, it doesn’t suit my bodytype at all. So this is one for the taller ladies, or if you are into large bags. The small and medium were my two favorites, but the small one isn’t easy to find in smooth leather and comes more in the velvet edition. So the medium is the most common size I think and comes in so many different colors.

The main color of Saint Laurent will always be black, that’s what they are known for and they do a very great job as well. Some of the colors that are quite common are red, dark red, dark blue, dark green, white and nude. But there are also different materials you can choose from, like the croc embossed leather, velvet, patent, smooth and suede combination, … really, so many pretty things to check out!

And if that isn’t enough, you can choose the different hardware colors: gold, silver, black or sometimes special editions.

I think it’s safe to say, that if you like this style, chances are big you will find a combination that really suits you. I am more a lover of classic designs and love the gold hardware on the black smooth leather. This is just the very DNA of YSL.

The bag consists of three main compartments. Two bigger ones and a smaller compartment on the front, which just fits my phone (OnePlus 5t). On the back there is a ‘hidden’ compartment, where you can put in papers and such. I found this to be very handy to store train tickets, entrance tickets, …


Quality and material

YSL bags truly are of such great quality. I have read that the croc embossed leather is a bit less durable, but this is the case with a lot of brands. I can only speak of my experience with this bag and since it’s my only YSL bag, I can’t speak of general quality.

The leather is called smooth leather and is made out of calfskin leather. It feels very luxurious, but isn’t the supple kind of leather, but rather quite sturdy. Mainly because of the structure of this bag it has to be leather that will keep its shape. I do find the bag to be scratch resistant, I’ve used this a lot and haven’t had any issues of  scratches or whatsoever. The leather is also supple enough to handle the flap nicely. With my Chanel Boy I do find the flap to get wrinkles on where it’s flapped open, but this isn’t the case with this YSL. It just keeps its smoothness.

The bag also has this little ‘luggage tab’ but this can be removed very easily.

The hardware on this bag is so beautiful. The chain feels of high quality, but isn’t very heavy. The links are also very great and don’t dig into you shoulder. And it has a leather piece at the top for more comfort, however, I wouldn’t mind if this wasn’t the case since the chain itself is also very comfortable to wear. Also, the YSL logo is just soooo iconic and it looks so nice on the black leather. This is just something I fall for over and over again.

On the inside of the bag you will find a more suede leather, still very sturdy. Not the easiest to maintain, but I hadn’t had any issues with it so far. I do keep my make-up in a little pouch, just in case.


First impressions – After 6 months of wear

I’ve had this bag since the end of October and worn it a lot ever since. I find this one to be a very handy bag, suitable for everyday use if you like a more statement look like I do.  Since it’s a very structured bag, it doesn’t fit very much. A large wallet will just fit in one compartment… luckily I’m not one to bring a lot with me and I feel it really holds enough room for all my essentials: phone, keys, cardholder, sunglasses, lipstick. That’s all I bring with me…

I am so happy with this bag and so satisfied with the quality and use, I am not even doubting on buying another YSL bag. They are the one brand next to Celine which makes it hard for me to choose between their different styles. I love about 90% of what they bring on the market and would even consider buying this exact same style again in a different color.

Is it worth it?

If what I said before wasn’t clear enough… for me it’s 110% worth it. I find YSL to have high quality for the prices and are still more affordable than a lot of the other luxury brands. I find their bags to be very suitable for everyday use, if you are more into that brand-logo-look, because, let’s face it, you can’t get past the huge YSL logo on all of them. But I love it. YSL has been a brand I always adored, I grew up with their make-up and perfumes and have always been very pleased with their quality in all their different products.

Next to that, I love the style and history of Yves Saint Laurent and the brand just speaks to me in so many ways.

So if you are looking for a ‘in-your-face’ but classic designer bag, you are at the right address.


Pro’s and cons

At this point I don’t see any cons in this bag… So I will list you my main pro’s:

  • Keeps its structure
  • Very high quality
  • LOVE the design
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Can be worn as a crossbody or shoulder bag
  • Classic, timeless and yet a very notable bag
  • Great price point
  • Can be worn dressed up or down


This bag was ordered via MyTheresa, but I have ordered at the Saint Laurent webshop in the past and have great experiences with both. It came with the original box and dustbag.

Do you guys have this bag still on the radar or what are your thoughts on this one? I’d love to hear!




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