Anine Bing Charlie Boots Review


Black, studded, ankle boots have been on my wishlist ever since the Chloe Susanna boot made its appearance on Pinterest. Even though these boots have been on my wishlist for so long – and it still are – I decided to go with a similar style from Anine Bing. What really pulled me to buy these ones over the Chloe boots, are the more pointed toe. I’m a real sucker for pointy toe shoes since my feet are on the rather smaller side. So last year in May when we visited the Anine Bing store in L.A. , I just went for it.

Now that they’ve been in my wardrobe for almost a year, it’s time to give you guys a little review on the wear.

About the boots

These shoes are called Charlie Boots with gold studs and are from the Danish designer Anine Bing, who is now based in L.A.. I think she used to be a model before she launched her own clothing line in 2012, starting with these amazing boots. I love the story behind the Anine Bing brand and am very much in love with her style, as a lot of people. She always seems so effortless chic with an edgy vibe.

And that is how these boots are described, on the website you’ll find that they’ll call them a classic rocker boot, adding edge to every look. And that is very much true, however… it’s not always the case for every look for me. But more on that later.

These boots are handmade with a lot of detailing into it. A very interesting article on how this shoe is made you can find at This really demonstrates how much love is put in the production of these boots.

You can buy these boots in a lot of different materials and colors. I think these, together with the silver studs, are part of the main collection. But I’ve also seen them in camel in completely suede and I’ve seen pictures of them in white and light grey as well, but I think these were seasonal editions.

First impressions

I still remember that I really, really, really wanted to buy these boots from the store in L.A. when we went on our US trip last year. They were on my to-buy list for a long time and I really wanted to try them on before buying. Since Anine Bing isn’t easy to find in stores here in Belgium, I really wanted to wait instead of buying them from the online shop.

When I tried these on I felt as if they were a bit narrow on the foot, but I was assured that the lambskin would stretch out and I should go for my regular size, which I did. I normally have a 36.5, but for boots I always size up to 37 because I mostly wear socks in my boots.

So I bought these boots at the beginning of our trip and can still remember wearing them straight from the box and almost constantly on this trip when we were going out in the city. They were so comfortable!


Quality and material

These boots are made out of 100% lambskin leather and have suede panels on the side and they are covered with gold colored studs all over. The leather really is one of the softest I ever felt. It truly is such supple and soft leather, which makes it very comfortable to wear, but also gives it such a luxury feel and look.

As of most designer shoes, the sole is also leather, which will show use over time as you can see on the picture below. This is very normal and leather soles are known for a much higher comfort, but you could always get them soled before use if you don’t like this. I used to do this as well, but stopped since I like how the leather molds to the shape of my feet over time.

Because these boots have a pointy toe, they are more likely to get some damage to this area. Some people also really mind this, and I’m not the biggest fan, but it’s something you can’t get past. Especially if you walk a lot. My Acne Jensen boots  have the same issue, but they are a bit more protected by the rubber sole that sticks out a bit.


The shopping experience

The Anine Bing stores are just such a delight to visit, clean, open and very minimal with only very pretty items. So taking the drive to this store was really worth it, even though service could’ve been a bit better. I felt as if the S.A. wasn’t having the best day, or she didn’t like having tourists at the store…

I have bought other things from the online shop as well and had great service time after time.

These boots come with a dustbag, but I don’t remember them coming in a nice box… Since we were on a holiday I wasn’t able to bring the box back with me, but I would’ve taken a picture if it were something nice. So that is something they can work on in my opinion.

Are they worth it?

These boots aren’t cheap, let me say that… They are a couple of hundred euros cheaper than the Chloe boots, but still on a very pricy side. I paid a bit less due to buying them in the US. But are they worth such a high price?

This is such a subjective question and with an even more subjective answer. To me they are worth the price tag, but I wouldn’t give that amount of money on any shoe. I really love the vibe, style and craftsmanship put into these boots and also love the Anine Bing brand. So those are all things that really made me pull the trigger. But I can see that for a lot of people luxury shoes aren’t worth the price tag since shoes tend to get more worn out that bags…

But if you are asking me if you get quality for this price, than my answer is without a doubt yes. These boots are made out of the softest leather and you can really see the effort put into it. You can see signs of wear after a year, but I’ve worn these boots a lot and have walked some miles in them as well… so it’s quite normal they get a bit trashed. On the other hand, the rest of the boot still looks amazing and brand new. And I’ve never had any issues with them whatsoever.

You really get a high quality luxury pair of boots when you buy these.

Anine Bing wears these boots with denim, shorts, skirts, dresses, … but I solely wear them with skinny jeans since I don’t like them with bare legs, so that limits the usage a bit, but I don’t mind. I think it’s due to the fact that they are pointy and a bit longer. Would see myself wearing the Chloe boots with bare legs since they are a bit more rounded. Even though these are quite similar to the Chloe boots, I still find them to be very different and don’t find them a substitute for those boots. Rather they are a similar style, so I will still add the Chloe boots to my wardrobe as well.


Which boots are on your wishlist at the moment? Do you have any experience with buying Anine Bing? 


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