Celine Nano Luggage First Impressions


This little robot face… Where do I begin?

A couple of years ago this Céline bag was everywhere to be seen. It was one of the most spotted it-bags on celebs, back when the whole colour-blocking trend was still considered hot. So I first ‘met’ this bag in this way, with the tri-color variations and I really, really, really didn’t like it. Felt this bag was WAY TOO MUCH out there. Not only did they come in the bigger size, the flaps on the side were also huge – and this was also a huge trend – and I just felt that this was way too much bag for a normal human being. Don’t even get me started on the phantom bag, since that one gave me nightmares (and I’m not that easily scared by ghosts…). Guess there was a good reason to call it like that…

That being said, a little while ago – also a couple of years – Céline decided to go on the more classic tour with this design and suddenly you saw this bag everywhere in very neutral toned colours and that’s when I got hooked. Especially the ‘dune’ color is amazing and this one is still very high on my Wishlist. Maybe even more than a Chanel classic flap bag tbh.

But why did I decide to go for the nano version instead – or rather, first…

It may come to no surprise, but I adore crossbody bags and smaller bags. I’m quite tall, but I also have a very skinny posture and big bags usually don’t work on my frame. So I naturally gravitate towards smaller bags.

However, this isn’t a case in which I had to chose between the two different sizes, I’m definitely planning on adding the micro size in the color dune to my collection, but now I had to choose between which one I wanted to buy first.

About the bag

So I decided on buying the Celine Nano Luggage handbag in smooth calfskin leather , in the color black first. Normally we would go on a trip to Japan in May and I found this one to be thé perfect bag for that trip. The biggest issue in this choice was the fact that only this size can be worn crossbody, and that is an absolute must for my bags to go with me on a trip. I could already see myself walking the streets of Tokyo with this pristine looking bag. However, COVID-19 decided otherwise, and now I’ll only be able to show our own country to this baby. A little bit of a bummer, but staying safe and healthy is the far-most important thing.

So, back to the bag.

The nano size is the smallest size in the series. I’ll get more into detail once I write a more expanded review. I do like this bag a lot in the bigger size, just like the Celine Belt Bag I feel the design is made for a bigger bag size, but au contraire of the belt bag, I find this one to be very cute in the nano size as well.

Once I made the decision on the size, I did doubt between several options. The bag comes in a lot of different colours and materials. These are the colours that were in running: black, dune, powder, souris and glazed nut. This last one is such a beautiful deep brown color. Some of these colours are in the smooth leather version, others in the drummed calfskin leather. What’s also a difference, the smooth leather versions are with gold hardware and the drummed leather version are with silver toned hardware. I like all of them, I really do… So I decided I wanted the bigger version in the dune color (this is a must) and this comes in drummed calfskin and silver toned hardware, so the one I would choose now, had to be an opposite.

So the main decision was between black and the glazed nut, but I found the robot face to be so great in the black version, so I couldn’t resist on adding another black bag to my collection. Putting the number on to 5 different black with gold leather bags… guess I have a type.


Quality and material

When you say Celine, you say very high quality and very unique designs. I’m very pleased with the service at Celine and the quality of my bags. This is my second Celine bag and it didn’t disappoint at all. The leather on both bags is of such high quality. Here I have the smooth calfskin leather, which is very soft and supple, yet the design of the bag is very sturdy – this is best in the nano version, the bigger ones do get that more slouchy look over time.

Next to the leather, we are talking about amazing stitching on these bags. I mean, these lines… You can see a very skilled person has put together this bag. There is not one single flaw in this bag.

When we talk about hardware, Celine does a great job as well. The gold is somewhat aged or brushed which gives it a more antique vibe that complements the design very well. I do have to say that my other Celine bag, which has the same hardware, is showing some wear after 1 year of use, but nothing alarming or disturbing. I will see how this one wears, but I guess it’s inevitable.

However, my Chanel doesn’t show any signs of wear after 2 years… So we’ll have to see about that. But it’s nothing that bugs me…


First Impressions

As you can tell, I’m over the moon with this bag. I’m very much in love with it and the fact that it has a little robot face is so cool. It really feels like my little compagnon every time I take it out. When I walk past it, it feels as if he’s looking at me. Call me crazy, I don’t mind… It’s the first bag that really gives me the feeling of being my little friend. So I see it coming with me on a lot of adventures in the future – if we ever get back to normal that is.

The inside of the bag is actually one big space, which is very handy. It doesn’t have compartment and that makes it a lot more roomy than other small bags. So I can fit a lot in this bag… I don’t cary that much around, but I definitely have more room than I would need. I do have  three little points of criticism;  the pocket on the inside that is meant for a phone or whatsoever. That one is on the rather small side, plus when you put something in there you can kind of see its shape on the back of the bag. For me, they should have left that one out. Another downside is the fact that the strap isn’t adjustable. A lot of people have written about this and it really is annoying. I’m quite lucky to be on the taller side, so the bag fits me quite well, but I would’ve loved the option to make it a bit shorter. The strap is maybe 1cm to long for it being perfect for me and they could’ve had some plus points with an adjustable strap… One last point, are the handles. Amazingly made, such soft and supple handles, but the opening is to small for most people to carry it on the crook of their arm. With a little effort I can slide my wrist (with watch) through it and wear it like that, but I have really small arms and wrists… So I’ve read on a lot of other blogs that most people aren’t able to do this.

Besides of these points, the bag itself is perfect for me. The downsides don’t limit me in using this bag and overall I feel it is very comfortable and very easy to style with so many outfits. I do baby all my bags, no matter how expensive or inexpensive, it’s just a habit, so at this point I don’t have any wear and tear. Since the leather is so soft, I do think it will get some scratches and it will age looking differently than it does now, but I don’t mind it that much. That’s life I guess…


I purchased this bag directly from the Celine webshop and didn’t have any issues with its delivery.

Do you guys have any experience with this style from Celine? 



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