Golden Goose Superstar Sneakers Review


Okay, today I’m talking about *spoiler alert* my most-loved shoe brand, Golden Goose when it comes to sneakers. I’ve always been a sneaker-girl and owned so many pairs of sneakers… I remember being 13 or something when the whole Asics trend (after the Kill Bill hype) was a thing and I owned I think 4 pairs of Asics because I loved them so much. I’ve also owned a lot of Nike, Adidas, Converse, and all the other well-known sneaker brands. So when I first saw these sneakers on Sincerely Jules, I was hooked. However, I’ve never spent so much money on a pair of sneakers and I know when I wear sneakers, I wear them to be comfortable and to walk a lot, so I was a bit skeptical on spending so much money on shoes that will have a lot to endure.

But, I splurged… seriously.

Disclaimer: before you keep on reading, at this point, none of my content is sponsored in any way. All opinions and pictures are my own. 

About the shoe

So, for those who haven’t heard of Golden Goose before, they are a designer brand born in 2000 in Venice (yes, we are talking real Italian design here) and they focus mainly on creating high quality sneakers with a unique, well worn look. So, basically, you are paying a lot of money for sneakers that look they’ve been worn to death… but hey, it’s fashion. No seriously, you either like it or not and I am definitely team LIKE.

I don’t remember when I noticed these sneakers for the first time, but I do know it was on Sincerely Jules, since she’s been a serious promoter of the brand for a very long time. But they kept coming back on her content and I got interested and started looking into the brand some more. This was 1,5 years ago I think…

Golden Goose has grown a lot and have become a very popular brand, especially in the blogosphere. They’ve also expanded their range with so many new styles, but this particular style is called the superstar. And they are a sneaker, similar to the Adidas Stan Smith, but of such high quality and a unique vintage look. They all have one thing in common, the star on the side, from which the name comes.


Quality and material

If you’re paying this much on a sneaker, it might as well be very high quality. And that is what you get… everything on these sneakers is so detailed and you can really see the effort put into them. The leather is soft and buttery and sets to your foot perfectly. Also on the inside. They are perfect to wear without socks, because of the lining and leather interior, so no smelly feet.

Next to that, I find the quality of the glitter, pony hair, … of high quality. I’ve worn these shoes all so many times now, and don’t see any issues with them. Also important, the laces are of high quality and they are still looking perfect, au contraire to my Veja sneakers, on which the laces have been shredding.


My impressions

At this point I own 4 pairs of these sneakers, all the same style, and I will definitely add more to my wardrobe. I’m also thinking about buying the Ball Star, but for now I’m hooked on this style, the Superstar. Since I own 4 pairs I don’t think I need to say a lot about how much I love them and how comfortable they actually are. Because, they are just the best shoes to walk in!

The leather is so soft and on the inside you find a very soft lining, which make them perfect to wear without any socks!

I pair can pair them with almost anything in my wardrobe and ever since I got them, I rarely wear any other sneaker brand. I do own Veja’s and Converse, but they just don’t come near to the comfort of these.

You can also wear them in a couple of different ways… like the gold/silver pair I have a wider opening, so they have a more ‘skater look’, while the other I tie the laces and they have a more fitted look. Love both of them… it’s just how you prefer wearing them.

When it comes to sizing, I would say if you are a half size, you should definitely size up and wear them more tight. If you want the ‘skater look’, I would size down. I’m a 36,5 and went for a 37 in most of these, but when I wear them more loose, they are also quite loose on the feet and I can’t ‘run’ in them. But on the gold/silver pair I went for a 36, having a good fit with the loose look.

So let’s talk a little about each pair I own…

These were the first ones I ever bought. I loved the combination of the black laces, leopard star and black tab on the back. They are quite simple, but do stand out and blend perfectly with my wardrobe (black, white, brown & leopard).



The next pair I bought were this gold and silver ones. They were an exclusive design for MyTheresa and were limited edition. These ones are numbered on the inside, which makes it such fun! Really love these ones. Tend to wear them more during spring, because I love the cold tone of silver and it still pairs perfectly with my gold jewelry because of the gold tab.



A third pair are these plain ones. They are also the cheapest I think, and this is why I bought them. They were specifically bought for our trip to the US last year, so I would have one of these I could really wear a lot and wouldn’t feel so bad about getting trashed. But I’ve walked so many km’s in these and they still look good. I can feel they are more worn and if you know, you also see it, but since they already looked trashed when I got them, you can not see a lot of difference and I really love that about these shoes.

These you can find here or here.



This last pair I bought quite recently. I wanted a sneaker that wasn’t a white sneaker and this leopard edition is just so me. With the black tab and star they just match so many of my outfits. I would say I am most in love with these ones… They’re also so fluffy because of the pony hair. I am a bit more careful with these and don’t wear them when it’s raining.

You can find these here, believe they are also available at MyTheresa.



Pro’s & cons

Reasons why I love this brand and their sneakers:

  • Very, very, and I mean, very comfortable to wear
  • Great, unique design
  • Very much on trend
  • Did I already mention how comfortable they are?
  • High quality materials
  • Breathable
  • Don’t need to wear socks
  • Flattering to the legs
  • Inside wedge

Some things you might want to consider:

  • On the more expensive side
  • Have a well worn look
  • Not suited for heavy rainfall
  • You might get hooked on them

Are they worth it?

For me it’s obviously a yes, but I can see other people won’t be as hooked. Every time I buy a new pair, my hubby keeps saying “you spent so much money on a pair of shoes that hhave already been worn?”… But hey, it’s fashion. And I just really love that well worn look. GG also has sneakers that are ‘new’, so if you want to test the brand without this aspect, you can look for these, however, I don’t seem to find them atm on their website.

What I like, is the very unique design and the fact that they change their designs frequently, which truly adds the ‘collectors items’-feeling to it… and lets be honest, I am at this point more of a clothing collector than I buy clothes because I need them.

But all the esthetics aside, I do find these to be the most comfortable sneakers I’ve ever owned. They are made to be worn without socks, which is a HUGE plus for me and make them so easy to combine with just anything. And I find the quality of the leather and fabric on the inside to be so high, I never get smelly or heated feet in these, no matter how far I walk. Plus, they have like a bit of a higher sole on the inside, giving you that little wedge-lift. This isn’t only flattering to the leg, but also makes you feel as if you are walking on a very soft platform. Almost as if you’re walking on clouds… They are so much more comfortable than those vegan Veja sneakers (which I do have two pairs of).

Fact that I bought four pairs and am still on the lookout for new ones, I can say I am hooked and couldn’t recommend more. I do find them to be high quality for the price, so I don’t mind spending over € 300 on these sneakers. But if you are hesitant to spend so much money on clothing, I don’t know if I would take the plunge. I think it’s very much related to your spending habits as well… But if you like designer, you don’t mind spending a bit more on shoes and you are looking for very comfortable sneakers, I would go for it.

Here are some of my favorites atm:

There are just so many too choose from, plus they also have different, limited editions from time to time at MyTheresa and Net-a-Porter, so keep an eye out on those platforms as well if you are interested.



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