Hi! My name is Kelly and even though it’s kind of awkward to introduce myself, I’m really glad you’re here.

I’m the owner of this blog called runwwolves.com – or as I say it Running With Wolves. This little space on the internet was born a couple of years ago as a way to share some of my thoughts with the world. Today runwwolves is a fashion focussed blog where I document my own style and talk about how I deal with consumerism.

My goal is to help others find their own perfect wardrobe and do this in a sustainable way, not only ecological but also emotional and financial.  I’m inspired by people who work(ed) with the capsule wardrobe system, such as uselesswardrobe.dk, un-fancy.com, mademois-elle.com and bemorewithless.com and I learned everything from these ladies.

For me, being real about fashion is very important. the way we present ourselves to the world can be of such an impact in many aspects of your life. So let’s do it in a way that represents our inner soul.

Together with my hubby-to-be, his son and our two dogs, Stephen and Suki, I live in Eeklo, Belgium. The one Belgian city where there is absolutely nothing to do.

Besides my fulltime day job and this blog, you can find me reading or playing with our dogs. And I have this – some call it crazy – passion for designer bags, so yes, you’ll find me browsing Pinterest for sure.